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Nanuku Auberge Resort in Pacific Harbour, Fiji Islands

Fiji is renowned for its stunning beaches, beautiful warm climate, and its unique relaxed island atmosphere. With adventure hidden around every corner, you’ll find incredible things to do at Nanuku Auberge resort. Or, you may choose to simply surrender to the natural rhythm of relaxation, taking in the island life. Regardless, we welcome you to stay with us, and submit to the lure of the Pacific. From our spacious suites, to our grand villas and our magnificent real estate in Fiji, Nanuku Resort offers luxurious accommodations that deliver the utmost in comfort, style and atmosphere. Every living space surrounds you in luxury with sophisticated decor, rich textiles, lush courtyards, and inspiring ocean views.

Presented with passion and authenticity behind every Auberge culinary experience, Nanuku is a Fiji all-inclusive resort and offers a remarkable dining experience as part of your stay. From inventively crafted cuisine to familiar comforts, our menus are inspired by the highest quality and locally sourced ingredients—from garden fresh produce to fresh caught seafood—to create a fabulous fusion of international and Fijian dishes. The blue Pacific Ocean and Pacific Harbour are home to an array of Fiji activities and adventures including outstanding snorkeling, sailing and sport fishing. Play championship golf in Fiji and take in the stunning views of the sea and surrounding rainforest. If you are a thrill-seeker, ride down the dunes and try sand boarding, zip-line through a tropical rainforest or discover the many hidden waterfalls on an adventurous hike. For a tranquil experience, unwind at our intimate Fiji spa, lounge the day away in a hammock or sample local arts and culture at Pacific Harbour Village just steps away.

Location of Nanuku Auberge Resort

Nanuku Auberge Resort
11 Nanuku Drive
Pacific Harbour, Fiji Islands

Nearest Airport: NAN

Amenities for Nanuku Auberge Resort

  • Dining
  • Private Chef
  • Room Service
  • Bar & Lounge
  • Restaurants
  • On-Site Amenities
  • Concierge
  • Spa Services
  • Housekeeping Service
  • Fitness Center
  • Butler Service
  • Clubhouse
  • In-Room Amenities
  • Air Conditioning
  • Ceiling Fans
  • In-Room Safes
  • Mini Bar
  • Private Pools
  • Private Gardens
  • Private Terraces
  • Complimentary WiFi
  • Activities
  • Bicycling
  • Fishing
  • Hiking
  • Kayaking
  • Sailing
  • Scuba Diving
  • Snorkeling
  • Ecological Excursions
  • Surfing
  • Zip-Lining
  • Horseback Riding
  • Golf
  • Nearby
  • Beach
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  • Family
  • Honeymoons & Romance
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Reviews for Nanuku Auberge Resort

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TripAdvisor Traveler Review Rating Reviewed 3 days ago

From the minute we arrived, we felt truly special. We have never had an experience like it and didn't ever want to leave. True luxury. Fantastic for anyone of any age. Absolutely incredible experience.

1010mrsjcampbell - Greater Sydney, Australia

TripAdvisor Traveler Review Rating Reviewed 3 days ago

Prior to my arrival I fully expected to experience the beauty of Fiji, what I wasn't expecting was the degree of service and hospitality provided by the Auberge Staff. Their friendly and accepting manner shone even more brilliant than the paradise surrounding me. I felt completely at home in moments... The layout and attention to detail of the resort itself, is perfect. I love and appreciate the blending of the natural with the man made, accentuating the key elements of nature. I absolutely couldn't be more pleased with the resort or the staff.

jwfreeman13 - Caldwell, Texas


TripAdvisor Traveler Review Rating Reviewed 3 days ago

Nanuku has been honestly the best holiday we have ever had! We have done a lot of travel and stayed at many hotels however this was by far the best. The standard of accommodation, the level of service/staff , the food, Everything was amazing! From the moment we arrived, to the moment we left…We were sooo looked after (there may have even been tears when leaving) We are already planning our next trip back and I will be highly recommending Nanuku to all of my family and friends

14siobhan - Christchurch, New Zealand

TripAdvisor Traveler Review Rating Reviewed 3 weeks ago

This is probably the most difficult review I have written on Tripadvisor because I am trying to resist seeing Nanuku only through the prism of my own (very specific) expectations and experience. Let me start with those, and then tell you why I still think Nanuku well-deserves its excellent reputation. What did I expect? I expected that my 10 yo will be happily occupied without me lifting a finger, excited about offered activities, with personalised attention by I-Tokani and/or her nanny. I expected that someone will be able to run after our vivacious 2yo so my Mum (with whom I was staying at Nanuku) would eat in peace at the least (we needed to switch taking care of her during meals). And, I was expecting a much needed 10-day rest. Superbly efficient service in a comfortable and relaxing setting would be there on the list as well. Nanuku did not fill those expectations. Somehow my 10yo did not take to either of the two nannies assigned to our girls. She told me they had nothing to do for her and she spent a lot of time actively avoiding them. From my observations, the nannies were perfectly nice girls, but my daughter did not glue with them, longing for a more physically engaging and proactive type of interaction she saw with boy-nannies. After three days I gave in, brave my embarrassment of potentially embarrassing the girl-nannies and asked the concierge whether it would be possible to assign a boy-nanny to my daughter. She said, she would swap the nannies around. Well, this was in Fiji time (meaning "maybe"). So, never returning to the subject (I also didn't bring it up not wanting to be insisting on something that would make our two girl-nannies more uncomfortable still) for the rest of the stay my 10yo kept playing the "avoid-the-nanny" game. Additionally, it appears that if there are not enough kids around, most kids activities don't happen, and there often is no activities plan, unless there are a few participants. Fortunately, the things looked up for our young lovely (and me as a result) when our wonderful I-Tokani Pate returned from his sick leave and there appeared more children my daughter's age, so she could piggy-back on their activities (with her nanny involved). Occasionally at least. Not so our 2yo, on whom our nannies had to give up - after a recent hospital stay she was horribly mistrustful of any strangers in a new place and there was nothing that we could do about it. For our family unit, the lack of privacy in the pool and ocean view duplex rooms was a little bit uncomfortable; the bathrooms have no doors and staying in those rooms with people in front of whom you are not keen on parading naked may be a little bit disconcerting. Again, it is a question of expectations and making that clearer can change what followed for us. (That set up may work beautifully for the intimacy of a romantic getaway.) There is also the "Fiji time" factor, which for a person who likes her luxury to be ruthlessly efficient was somewhat offputting, no matter how much I tried to plug myself into the "Fiji time" factor. What that meant in our experience was that if something was promised "now" (fixing TV, checking on the pop-corn machine) it translated into a definite "maybe." Every day our drinks or food order would be mixed up or not fulfilled at all. The two-year old's meals were offered complementarily (thank you :)), but every second bill came back with them on. (I gave up asking to amend and soon only mentioned it occasionally and moved on without checking what would come of it.) I fondly remember similar experiences in Bali such as being informed at 9.15 am that the car I expected at 9am was not going to be there due to Bali Car Celebration on that day so all cars had to rest. The difference was that not only was I amused but informed of it at least. My Mum also commented on mixed levels of cleanness, none major though, and usually involving the outside. There were many inconsistencies in servicing our rooms - turn-down service, cutlery/bottle opener and pool towels absences. And, there was still more... Why, then, would I still say that Nanuku deserves its reputation? I believe our experience was anomalous to the standard experience of other visitors. Firstly, we stayed longer than the average visitors - it appears that the favoured length of stay is 3-5 days. When there for that period of time, I saw people jump straight into a succession of the standard preplanned activities, including a boat trip to the Nanuku island. If that's what one does, there is no time to look around and wonder and ponder in attempt to relax and rest, as we did. Secondly, the people who really had it good were families with at least two children similar age, or those who were there when there were more kids around, as well as couples celebrating a special something. We were neither, but I was absolutely wowed by Nanuku bringing in a local firemen brigade to welcome a US-based fireman on his honeymoon. He didn't mention his vocation in the booking form ;) I asked. :) Thirdly, if our I-Tokani were more available, our experience might have been different, but he did return to work from sick leave earlier than I thought his recovery warranted, although was not there again to farewell us... Fourthly, most people of Nanuku are absolutely outstanding, hospitable, warm, inviting and obliging. I need to mention especially Pate, Queeney, Dee (she was our morning sunshine), Jonathan (so wonderfully caring :)), Benji, Siko, Garry and the wonderful gentleman who taught my daughter and me how to weave a basket sorry, I don't remember your name - you deserve for it to be remembered, Mr Totoka ;) - great sense of humour. I also have to mention here that we were moved to another room when I mentioned to the concierge our neighbours were smoking a lot, and the room appeared to be an upgrade - exactly what one would expect from a strongly service-focused establishment, thank you!!! Now, if it were possible to rewrite our stay, and this could work for anyone not on the intense 3-5 day stay packed with activities, it may be made better by discussing our needs right at the beginning of the stay. If relaxation is what we were after, there was still money to be made on it (spa really is good - relaxing and easy), but it just required more communication. Finding out what we needed on our third day even, once we understood better what we were not having and delivering on it would have made a huge difference. Essentially, for anomalous guests like us, communication would have fixed much. I should also mention here that we are not resort-type holiday-makers. When it comes to abroad stays (but for swift 1-3 nighters when we opt for comfortable hotels), we usually try for staffed private villas or generally private accommodation, so we were truly inexperienced in the resort game and rather spoiled by some private villa experiences of the past. So, if you are planning on being an anomaly Nanukan holiday-maker and you don't fall into the family with at least two similar age kids or a celebratory couple categories on a 3-5 day stay, communicate with the people of Nanuku better than we did. If you I-Tokani is away, ask for someone else to stand in for him. Find someone who can fix what you need and you will probably love it.

Renata B - Sydney, Australia

TripAdvisor Traveler Review Rating Reviewed 4 weeks ago

We made a last minute decision to visit Fiji and because of the proximity to the shark dive we choose Nanuku. Once we figured out how to find our ride to the resort ( it’s a long drive but the plane is very expensive and not really that much faster) we were welcomed to a beautiful resort. Well organised, beautifully maintained and our villa was stunning! We could not find any fault with with anything- the food, the service, spa, amenities all very top class. But what made it really lovely was the amazing staff. So kind, so professional and caring. ( I get a bit teary thinking about all that warmth) (We had one issue- the pool table in the bar was totally crooked. Tsk, tsk)

Epearls - Sydney, Australia

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