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Under the Tucson Sun

A relaxing sojourn in southern Arizona’s golf mecca

3 Southwestern Weekend Getaways

The harsh-but-lively southern Arizona desert; the frontier in Nevada and Utah; the sprawling, craggy desert of mid–New Mexico.

Luxury Guide to College Football Bowl Games

Heading to Miami or Arizona for a bowl game?Score a room at one of these great hotels.

A Route 60 Tour of New Mexico and Arizona

It runs roughly parallel to the better-known Route 66, but its vital signs are much stronger. Thomas Beller puts the top down for a whirlwind ride through authentic New Mexico and Arizona.

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Weekend in Flagstaff: The Ultimate Weekend in the Mountains

Flagstaff in a weekend: Hikes and Sites

Great Architecture of the Southwest

Explore architecture from 1000-1970 A.D. from Phoenix to the Grand Canyon

First Time Flagstaff Trippin'

If you're short on time, but not on energy, these are the must sees for Family First Timers.

Family Time

A rich and accessible view of Flagstaff and the surrounding areas. Arts, nature, and play all included.

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