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  • Guide to Canada's Top Cities

    It’s official: Our neighbor to the north has never been more deserving of the world’s attention. T+L brings you the lowdown on four urban hot spots, from Montreal and Quebec City to Toronto and Vancouver... More

  • Magnificent Montreal

    Both Canadian and Québécois, part anglophone and part francophone, with one foot in the past and the other firmly in the future, Montreal is a city that defies easy categorization... More

  • Culinary Tour of Vancouver's Cowichan Valley

    In Vancouver Island’s Cowichan Valley there’s a growing food scene that’s defiantly (and deliciously) local. T+L samples the region on a three-day drive... More

  • Exploring Toronto’s West End

    Once a dowdy working-class strip, the West End’s Ossington Avenue has been transformed into a high-style hub for galleries, shops, and restaurants... More