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Sweet Home Jamaica

Away from the busy tourist towns of Negril and Montego Bay is Jamaica's best-kept secret: Port Antonio.

Bermuda Busts Out! | T+L Family

It’s not only honeymooners and golfers who are reveling in the island’s clear waters. The bastion of politesse is now more casual and kid-friendly—and you can get there via JetBlue. Bermuda shorts optional.

Best of Barbados

Once a hideaway for the elite, this Caribbean island now lures an eclectic mix of visitors, with stylish hotels and shops, a thriving restaurant scene, and deserted beaches.

Top Caribbean Beach Bars

Soak up the sun and surf while sipping on a cold cocktail at one of these sandy spots.

T+L Reports: Jamaica Me Stylish

The fashion designer Ralph Lauren has been visiting Jamaica for more than 20 years. He's contributed to several charities, and even bought one of the 27 villas at the Round Hill Hotel & Villas which is why he was the ideal candidate to update the hotel's 36-room Pineapple House.

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How to Get Around - Bermuda - The island has always placed limitations on cars; residents are allowed only one per family, and visitors are not permitted to rent them. Taxis are notoriously expensive. As for mopeds, proceed with caution—yes, they look like fun and do offer great photo ops, but no one under 16 is allowed to drive them, and accidents are common. Your best bet is to use the excellent public transportation: Hop a ferry. Passenger boats (441/295-4506) ply the waters around the island via four routes—and cost only a few dollars per trip; children under five travel free, as do “pedal cycles.”

Take a bus: Though they can get crowded during weekday rush hours, buses (441/292-3851;) are $4.50 a ride, easy to figure out, and prompt.

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