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Top 10 Bars and Clubs in Bermuda

Destination(s): Bermuda

Bermuda nightlife is all about mixing local and international culture, so don't be surprised to find wooden bars with British pub atmosphere or high-end clubs with the best DJs spinning their records until 5 AM. In fact, most places usually open during the afternoon and keep the party going until late in the night, with private events, live music and cocktails.

The local youths gather in the 40-year old super friendly Spinning Wheel, while more pretentious consumers can enjoy a private yachting race at the exclusive Royal Bermuda Night Club. If you're just looking for some good cocktails in an elegant atmosphere you should try The Verandah and the Reef Bar at Elbow Beach, but keep in mind that you're bound to get some action in almost any bar Bermuda has to offer. One final tip for all Bermuda holiday yuppies: visit the Opus after 5 PM for the best wines and a posh atmosphere. read more about Top 10 Bars and Clubs in Bermuda



  • 4 Bermudiana Rd
  • tel:441/292-3500
  • Visit website
  • St. George's Parish