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  • The New Costa Rica

    In the country that more or less invented eco-travel, you’ll find lush jungles, enormous turtles, untouched beaches—and rapidly expanding luxury-resort developments... More

  • Great Costa Rica Adventures

    With its exotic wildlife, sun-soaked coasts, and dramatic mountains, this Central American playground offers trips for all types of explorers... More

  • Costa Rica, The Simple Life | T+L Family

    Have you ever felt that the endless planning, maneuvering, and (not least) paying required for a relaxing vacation tends to cancel out the "relaxing" part?Problem solved: journey with this clan to Costa Rica’s Nicoya Peninsula, where a blissfully uncomplicated, $100-a-night, thatch-roofed resort lets them unwind in easy style.. More

  • 5 Costa Rica Itineraries

    Planning a trip to Costa Rica—where your choices are virtually endless—can be overwhelming. Here, five takes on Central America's jungle-and-beach paradise, whatever your interest... More

  • Undiscovered Uruguay

    Colonia, Uruguay is South America’s best-kept secret... More

  • Budget Belize

    They had $1,500, plus airfare, to spend on a tropical vacation. Here's how Christopher R. Cox and family put every cent to work on an action-packed getaway.. More

  • A Drive Through Belize

    On a drive through Belize's interior, Meghan Daum learns that a Central American road trip calls for an adventurous spirit, a good map—and a sense of humor... More

  • Bright Young Belize

    A mere 22 years old, Belize is hitting its stride, thanks to a group of laid-back beach and jungle resorts. Thatched roofs are the new luxury.. More

  • Golfing in Belize

    This Caribbean paradise finally has world-class golf to go along with world-class diving, world-class fishing... you get the idea.. More