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  • French Riviera's Architectural Movement

    In the twenties and thirties, the French Riviera was a hotbed of Modernist architectural innovation. MICHAEL Z. WISE visits the seaside retreats built by and for some of the movement's founding figures... More

  • Cruising the French Riviers for Less

    A no-frills cruise ship has begun plying the Mediterranean, offering travelers the Riviera for a radical discount. Bruno Maddox gets on board... More

  • Nice, France Today

    The French Riviera's forgotten city has turned into fun-loving Nice, embracing traditions (frescoes, boardwalks), but also updating them (cool, if predatory, hotel furniture). Christopher Petkanas dives in... More

  • St.-Tropez: Hot Again

    The French Riviera town is back in fashion, and at the center of the current renaissance is the fight to save its infamous beach clubs. Supporters claim they're a monument to France—and to erotic freedom... More