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Waimea Canyon Drive

Waimea Canyon Drive

The signs for the drive to Waimea Canyon point to Koke'e Road, but Waimea Canyon Drive is a much more beautiful drive with more unique sights. Off of Highway 550, the road leads 19 miles from the southwestern shoreline of Kauai to the northern border of Kokee State Park.

The first few miles of this scenic drive provide an array of views, from an awesome view of forbidden Ni'ihau, to the start of the canyon, to a bright red dirt, road side waterfall at the 1500 foot elevation mark. As the road climbs through Waimea Canyon State Park the lookouts provide views of Waimea Canyon and Puu Ka Pele Forest Reserve. The road continues only a few more miles after entering Kokee State Park and leads to views from the last overlooks that allow visitors a glimpse of the Na Pali Coast and the Kalalau Valley.

It's important to check your gas gauge before you leave Waimea Town, it's a really long drive and some great music will make it more fun. If you don't have the time to go all the way into Koke'e, just the drive up and the lookout of Waimea is worth it. And most importantly don't forget your camera.
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