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Four Seasons Tented Camp Golden Triangle in Chiang Rai, Thailand

Go on the adventure of a lifetime in the wondrous natural surroundings of Northern Thailand. Tucked away in the historic Golden Triangle region, Four Seasons Tented Camp Golden Triangle is the first all-inclusive Resort for Four Seasons Hotels and Resorts. Here you will discover the joys of interacting with elephants, explore mountain trails and bamboo jungles, and unwind in superb luxury tents.

After an active day, unwind with a massage and share your adventures with a small close-knit community of fellow adventures over your dining experience. For those special occasions arrange a picnic in the jungle, by the river, in the garden or a private dinner in the wine cellar where you will enjoy a selection of your favorite dishes paired with impressive wines.

To get to the camp, Chiang Rai is a 75-minute flight from Bangkok International Airport (BKK). Chiang Rai International Airport (CEI) is located 8 kilometres (5 miles) from downtown Chiang Rai, about 65 kilometres (40 miles) south of Four Seasons Tented Camp Golden Triangle. By road the Four Seasons Tented Camp Golden Triangle is approximately a 4 hour scenic journey through Thailand. There is also helicopter service between the Four Seasons Tented Camp Golden Triangle and Four Seasons Resort Chiang Mai which offers spectacular views of the northern Thai countryside.

Location of Four Seasons Tented Camp Golden Triangle

Four Seasons Tented Camp Golden Triangle
Chiang Saen Post Office
Chiang Rai, Thailand

Nearest Airport: CEI, CNX

Amenities for Four Seasons Tented Camp Golden Triangle

  • Dining
  • Outdoor Dining
  • Private Dining
  • Wine Cellar
  • Restaurants
  • On-Site Amenities
  • Pool
  • Spa Services
  • Outdoor Whirlpool
  • Activities
  • Cooking Classes
  • Excursions
  • Hiking
  • Wildlife Viewing
  • Elephant Trekking
  • Nature Hikes
  • Interests
  • Active & Adventure
  • Food & Wine
  • Honeymoons & Romance
  • Luxury Tents & Open Air
  • Spa & Wellness

Reviews for Four Seasons Tented Camp Golden Triangle

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TripAdvisor Traveler Review Rating Reviewed 1 week ago

As is often said, if real estate value is solely a function of location, location, location, then this spot is indeed priceless....really, it is that special...once a hub of the opium trade, the history of the Golden Triangle mixed with the sheer beauty of the land, it's people, and the most magnificent creatures on earth, the elephants, makes for a heady experience for those that are blessed enough to visit...we were tipped to this spot by a friend who's far more worldly, and hence has far more airline status than we...she's stayed at many of the finer hotels worldwide including many Four Seasons and couldn't say enough about this one.....she was spot on...the service generally is what makes Four Seasons stand out from the crowd for me, and it's definitely the case here....they have anticipating your every need and desire down to a science from the basics like perfectly planned and executed excursions to housekeeping excellence to tiny details like putting a discreet little bookmark in my bedside paperback so that I can save my place without having my book sprawled in an unseemly fashion ( I say this slightly tongue in cheek)...friendly, professional,efficient, and real all while extending their culture warmly without, it must be noted that with only 15 (I think) tents and guest groups to service, the task is perhaps not as daunting as it might seem, nonetheless, it is impressive...I mentioned the excursions, and the ones we availed ourselves of were, with one slight exception, as good as it gets for me...i.e. just long enough to stay interested, 2-3 hours max, led by, in our case, the best guide you could hope for....Somkid was genuinely warm and considerate, knowledgable about what you'd expect and way beyond but not overbearing with info, a great listener, and totally prepared for whatever we might encounter with supplies in his magic bag...a small role of tp came in quite handy at the very spartan facilities next to a temple....we did the Burma Discovery and Golden Triangle, spending time in both markets....fascinating but having succumbed to food poisoning earlier in out trip (not here) I was hesitant to sample much of the fare, especially the fresh meat...our Opium Museum visit was not my cup of tea...$10 million dollar building with poor lighting to read the over-kill of text and a $100 A/V an era of Hi-Def, 4K, and surround sound, I'm pretty sure that what we experienced was an old Sony Betamax I think there was more than a little agenda in the presentation of the story,,,,no big deal...others find it interesting, I'm sure...but the reason we traveled 8500 miles was simple...the elephants...I had a little experience as a kid working with a couple of elephants in a circus so I was hard-wired for a chance to engage with daughter and wife were equally pumped..and it was everything we'd hoped for and more....from the daily feeding of the teenage elephants at breakfast (the mahouts bring plenty of bananas but if you want to make em smile buy some tamarind in one of the markets, just ask the mahout before you offer it to them), to the training and riding , to the bathing in the morning , to our dinner up at Elephant Camp the night before our departure, to watching them forage off tether in the acres of grassland beneath the tents, it exceeded all learn that they're really quite smart, really quite nimble (at least you hope so when you're riding on their neck 12 feet up and they're navigating a steep set of stairs) and can be sneakily quiet, when you're looking at your NYT summary over your coffee and glance up to discovera couple of elephants 15 feet away....suffice it to say I'd go back, just for that....the stories of each elephant and their mahout are fascinationg....this review is far too long so quickly; the food is relentlessly consistent and delicious (aroy mak) with both Thai and more Western options...take the cooking class if you've's excellent...I must mention Seng as another real asset to this property..and the furnishings in the tent were remarkable....the only thing I might do different is rather than the extra expense of taking a "superior" tent, and it's not insignificant, the only difference I believe being the hot tub on the deck, I'd forgo it as the hot tub is not really a hot tub in the traditional sense of having a heated spa that's built and configured to accomodate several have to drain and then fill the tub, which is really a big bowl hence somewhat awkward, each time you want to use it....I thought we'd be out there every morning or night, but it required too much forethought for us....your mileage may any case, this was a once-in-a-lifetime trip that I hope won't be

JonL_52 - Golden, Colorado

TripAdvisor Traveler Review Rating Reviewed 1 week ago

This place is nothing short of magical. From the quality of the service - incredible 5 star staff, food and accommodations - to the unreal experience of our time with the elephants - this place is a MUST if you are looking for an unbelievably unique experience.

Fritz G - Miami, Florida, United States

TripAdvisor Traveler Review Rating Reviewed 2 weeks ago

We recently spent three nights leading up to Christmas and could not have been more impressed with our experience. Everyone is so welcoming and warm with charm. From our arrival on the long boat to our send off by the awesome GM Reza, we were treated like royalty. The daily excursions were exceptional. We added the sunset dinner at camp peak and that was nothing short of the best meal we have experienced. We have traveled the world and consider ourselves to be foodies and this was simply unforgettable. We loved our journey to Chang Sien, the opium museum, massages, and the afternoon with the elephants, plus a warm water bottle in bed was perfect in the evenings. Waking up every morning with a great breakfast by the fire and feeding the beautiful elephants is something everyone should be lucky enough to experience. This is a unique treasure that we hope to visit again.

Leslie F - Charleston, South Carolina

TripAdvisor Traveler Review Rating Reviewed 2 weeks ago

This property was unique in every single aspect, especially the way you arrive by riverboat from a boarder port, up the rivers of the Golden Triangle and at the dock of the Four Seasons... Obviously it is quite expensive, which is because it is mostly All-Inclusive, but it is worth it in every single way (Wifi works ALL AROUND the camp). Talk about sleeping in a luxurious tent, and if you opt in you can have a hot tub as well on the balcony! This is absolutely a wild Experience, that I recommend ANYONE AND EVERYONE doing if it can fit their budget. We didn't think it would be possible and we asked if we could have a rollaway as we were two friends traveling together. They brought a whole rollaway bed up there for me as set it up before we knew it. I was stunned from the staff & service, to the amenities, and of course the food. Walking around the camp it seemed that every single staff member was calling us by our names. Correctly. At first we thought the Cobra/Scorpion alcohol at the Burma Bar (Overlooking the hills of Myanmar for sunset), but they were really calling us by our right names individually. Also, if you have any type of walking problem, this hotels rooms may be quite difficult to access. All of the rooms were always serviced what almost seemed immediately, even sometimes, after we left for a quick few minutes and came back they were in there working to make sure everything was perfect. All of the tours and excursions they offered was exactly what we were looking for, and if there was anything that we had questions about they had no problem arranging anything we needed. Riding the elephants was an absolute unbelievable experience that I recommend anyone doing. They are so happy and are always happily eating and can be so playful. THE BREAKFAST is the absolute best as you get to feed the elephants breakfast every morning while you sat down and ate with a remote few other guests, if there are any at all! Every single thing on the menu is awesome and feel free to order as much as you want until your full because remember its all inclusive (basically with the exception of a few tours and any extras, +++ that you may want). I typically do not like all inclusive resorts as the quality tends to lack, but this hotel, this is on another level all around. There are not many tents, I believe 16 total, so it is a very private place for sure but perfect for anyone who loves to explore! Set up massage in the outdoor quiet rainforest type spa rooms, an elephant riding Mahout Experience (where you will get some print our cards as well that is awesome keepsakes), or for the adventourous take a tour over to Myanmar and Laos, and much much more. Check in and see what the Four Seasons Tented Camp Golden Triangle has to offer! We left the hotel to Chiang Mai with a Four Seasons hotel Mercedes Benz SUV that we set up a few days prior to departure, and what a great and sad ending to the stay here because our departure was so easy and smooth, but we will obviously miss it so much! Great Stay!

Bob H - Punta Gorda, Florida, USA

TripAdvisor Traveler Review Rating Reviewed 3 weeks ago

Whenr there on my honeymoon and got blown away by the beauty of the hotel. You enter this paradise via boat ride, where a life changing experience begins. The rooms, the food, the service, WOW!! But the real winners are the elephants, rescued from bad situations these majestic animals make this experience unforgettable. I totally recommend it!! Loved this place

Ander A - Mexico City, Mexico

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