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Delfini Strand Hotel Terme in Ischia, Italy

Adrift in the Tyrrhenian Sea, abutting the glorious Italian coast, the little known island of Ischia is a treasure trove of untold wonders. Overlooking the enchanting thermal pools of Cartaromana Bay, Hotel Delfini complements the vibrant beauty of the countryside and sets the scene for an unforgettable retreat. The arched windows alongside the hotel's gorgeous fašade give a nod to the island's rich history, while drawing abundant natural light into the stunning rooms and suites that you will be proud to call your vacation home. Each guestroom personifies Italian opulence in design, and is elegantly appointed with contemporary amenities and charming hand-painted furniture. Even the bathrooms at Hotel Delfini are a sight to behold; Deluxe Rooms come complete with a lavish Turkish bath and Jacuzzi tub with multi-functional shower for chromo-therapy, music-therapy, and aroma-therapy. You will enjoy every moment of your stay, because your every moment will be luxurious.

Borrowing its name from the thermal pools of the Cartaromana Bay, Hotel Delfini allows you to focus on relaxation, well-being, and beauty—inside and out. The comprehensive catalogue of treatments at Delfini Spa & Beauty, as well as access to an adjacent fitness center specializing in Kneipp hydrotherapy promote a healthy body, spirit, and mind. The savory cuisine of Ristorante Delfini is enhanced by the warm breeze and scent of the sea, so whether you sit inside, or dine al fresco, you are not just eating, but partaking in a delicious extra-sensory experience not soon forgotten. Just 30 kilometers from the "mainland" of Italy, the hotel offers exciting adventures, whether you choose to venture off the island, or stay closer to your vacation home. Delight in the luxury of the bay's bubbling hot springs before cooling off in one of the hotel's sparkling pools. Explore the beach, or just lay out with sun beds, deck chairs, and beach umbrellas, courtesy of the hotel. Whatever you do, the attentive staff is there to ensure total relaxation and comfort. When it is time to get away, Hotel Delfini is the pinnacle of luxury, beauty, culture, and charm—the ideal destination for your Italian holiday.

Location of Delfini Strand Hotel Terme

Delfini Strand Hotel Terme
Via Nuova Cartaromana 68
Ischia, Italy

Nearest Airport: NAP

Amenities for Delfini Strand Hotel Terme

  • Dining
  • Poolside Dining
  • Restaurant
  • 24-Hour Room Service
  • Snack Bar
  • On-Site Amenities
  • Shuttle Service
  • Spa on Property
  • Private Beach
  • Solarium
  • High-Speed Internet Access
  • Indoor Pool
  • Limousine Service
  • Outdoor Whirlpool
  • Beach Amenities
  • 2 Outdoor Pools
  • In-Room Amenities
  • Air Conditioning
  • Direct Dial Telephones
  • In-Room Safes
  • Mini Bar
  • Televisions
  • Business
  • Meeting Rooms
  • Interests
  • Spa & Wellness

Reviews for Delfini Strand Hotel Terme

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TripAdvisor Traveler Review Rating Reviewed 3 weeks ago

Mixed review. Beautiful location but 15 minute walk from most restaurants and town. Stayed 3 nights. One night a wedding was being held at location which was pretty and could be fun for some but the fact that music went past 12 makes it clear to me their first priority is not to their guests. Another night a random singer sang very loudly for some.unclear reason to a very small get hearing until after 11. Hotel is clearly not designed for Americans which can actually be a good thing but was not because every one of the staff, besides the housekeeper, was not friendly. They were helpful if asked but clearly not friendly. I usually ignore when people write this in reviews but I am learning how important it is. As I write this I am sadly unable to sleep because of loud music :-(

Brian M

TripAdvisor Traveler Review Rating Reviewed 3 months ago

Delfini is a mixed bag of impressions and experiences. Most of the staff isn't friendly, not helping you in any way getting around the place. Food is not special, although they were very helpful with providing special food for my wife who's allergic to tomatoes. The hotel is a funny place, with decorations out the 19th century, makes it look really outdated for younger people. The room was fine, bed good and shower great, that always helps! Around all the electric outlets etc. they forgot to put the covers back...which shows the lack of attention for details that shows in the whole hotel. Clean, hmmmm, not really. Would I go back? No! Is it fine for a few days? I guess it will do. (Ischia is a place for older people into wellness)

Durk H

TripAdvisor Traveler Review Rating Reviewed 4 months ago

After reading all the negative reviews we were a bit scared to make a reservation. However, we had stayed at Ischia before and we knew that Delfini is at the best location of the island so we decided to take a risk and book six nights for two of us and our 2-year old. We stayed from April 30 until May 05 2017. At the check-in the reception staff was very friendly. They speak english only a bit, but they did smile and were very helpful as far as they could. It was a long way to carry all our luggage down from the road where we parked our car as the hotel is some 20 meters down from the road. The staff did not offer to help me, but I was not expecting it as there was only two persons at the reception and this was not a five star hotel. We got room 306 which is in the end of the hall on 3rd floor and most likely a bit larger than other rooms. Entering the room we were pleasantly surprised. The room was very nicely decorated and the bed was very large and comfortable, which is rare in Italy as the beds are usually hard as stone. The best part was the magnificent view from our large balcony, especially the scenery of Aragonese castle, Procida, Vesuvius, Sorrento peninsula and Capri island on top of the faraglioni rocks just in front of the hotel. The room has central air conditioner nicely hidden inside a decoration on the ceiling. It must have been centrally switched off as nothing happened when I tried to switch it on. We were a bit afraid if there is warm enough during the night as the A/C seemed to be the only heater, but it was very nice even without it. Naturally cooling was not needed this time of year. It is true that most of the plastic covers of light switches and electric sockets are missing and the metal body is visible. The wires are behind the metal and there are no finger sized holes so this is not really dangerous, only ugly. I kept wondering what was the story behind this. They obviously had tried to fix it, on some switches the plastic covers were attached with screws and on some there was a lot of glue (which had not worked). Unfortunately it might be impossible to fix this properly without the exactly right plastic covers which they most likely don't have for some reason. The bathroom was very large and there was a big separate dark-blue tiled shower cabinet separated with glass door. It was just a normal shower, in some other rooms I understand there is a therapeutic massage shower. Bit strangely the shower cabinet did not have light so all the light came through the glass door. As the tiles were dark blue it was a bit dark shower. Most importantly, there was plenty of hot water which did not seem to run out, except on one morning. On that morning the water was totally cold. The hotel was pretty full so perhaps they did run out of hot water as the hot water was back in the afternoon. There was also a small annoying problem in the bathroom. The towel rack was loose and therefore there was not a place to hang your towel. If I had had a small screwdriver with me it would have been easy to fix. There were also some other small issues which would have been easy to fix around the hotel. The cleaning lady was very nice and she did a great job although we managed to mess the room quite thoroughly every day. She was around every day from Thursday to Wednesday, including Sunday. We wondered when does she have her day off. There was a large fridge in the room, a bit old, but worked well. It was a bit noisy, but that was not a problem for us. The only bigger problem to consider is the fact, that each room (on the 3rd floor at least) has a connecting door to the neighbouring room. This door is very thin and you can easily hear the discussion from the other room. Italians speak loudly and if they watch TV they keep the volume up. So take earplugs with you if you are sensitive to noise and want to go to sleep early. Another problem to consider is the fact that there is no cell phone cover in this hotel, at least not in the rooms. It is not the fault of the hotel, but if you need to work during your vacation this might be a big problem. The hotel wifi was decent for email and such low bandwidth activities, but there were blackouts and the situation can get worse during the summer time when the hotel is full. The breakfast was alright considering this is Italy. There was a selection of sweet croissants, some cakes, fruit, cereal, yoghurt and even a small plate of cheese and ham and some bread. On first mornings there was also boiled eggs, but then they were replaced to small hot dogs. Most of the clients are italian who naturally only eat sweet croissants and fruit for breakfast, but there were also some German guests. Cheese and ham did not last for long if they were eating before us. There was no refill if they run out. The coffee machine was Nescafe Alegria which makes ok espresso (it is freshly grind from beans), but not so good cappuccino (it is made out of pre-grind coffee). Tip: First take a cappuccino and then espresso and you get quite good cappuccino. Our 2-year old son did love the plum cakes they had, but on the 4th morning there was none left. His cry made sure everyone noticed it, also the very nice breakfast waiter. He tried to find a replacement, but there was none left. However, next morning when this incident was about to happen again he had one extra hidden for our son. That was a very nice gesture. The outside pool looked very nice, but this time of year the water was still cold. Some hotels in the area have thermal water pools, but this is not a thermal one. Inside the hotel there is a small thermal water pool, which was nice and very hot. However, it is very small, only about 2x4 meters. The sea water was too cold to swim, but it is a rocky bottom and gets deep quite soon. During summer time there is a platform used for sunbathing, but they had not yet set it up. The sea is very nice, the water is clear and it is very good for swimming according to our earlier experiences. It is also just some 20-30 meters to swim to the sandy Cartaromana beach, but you need to be able to swim because you need to get around the big rock. So don't plan to do this if traveling with small children who are not prepared to swim long distances. As a hotel guest we were allowed to use the pools at their other hotel Park Hotel Terme some 3 kilometers away. There was an outdoor thermal pool as well as two connected pools inside. The outdoor pool was very nice for our son, the inside pool is a bit dark. We did visit only once as there was not a good place to change clothes and the hotel is not very clean. Please note that in Italy you use a swimming cap when swimming in a pool, don't ask why. We did not use and the staff did not ask us, but the italian guests sitting by the pool clearly took notice on this. Overall Delfini is perhaps not quite a 4 star hotel. But it is on seafront and the sea view from every room is something quite extraordinary. If this is something you value you should not miss this hotel. We have stayed in Aragona Palace Hotel which is one of the top rated hotels in Ischia according to Tripadvisor. The biggest difference compared to Delfini is the fact that in Aragona they have fluent english speaking personnel in the reception while in Delfini they have only italian speaking. The style and decor of the rooms is at about the same level, also the cleanliness. There are small things broken in Delfini, while all the small details are carefully taken care if in Aragona. And the breakfast is much better in Aragona. But if you value closeness to sea, magnificent sea view from the room and easy access to swim at one of the best spots in Ischia you might want to choose Delfini. Be prepared, that all the electric switches are without a cover. Be prepared that the screen in the elevator is slightly out of position. Be prepared that there is most likely something broken in your room. And most importantly, be prepared that english is not spoken or spoken just a bit and you need to use Google Translate (if wifi works). Other than that, just enjoy!

Heikkip67 - Helsinki, Finland

TripAdvisor Traveler Review Rating Reviewed 5 months ago

Warning!!!! An impressive reception area which can only be described as a facade. We paid nearly 800 euro for four nights B&B. The first room wasn't ready till 5pm, It was too small for the three of us and was less than basic. It was not a family room but had the extra bed squeezed in. Most items like switches and lights were broken or not working. Furniture was of very poor quality and nothing matched. We asked to change rooms or leave. It went downhill from there. We were told we could not have a refund, no other rooms were available but could have a free massage, (I was later asked for 5 euro to pay for the oils for the massage). We were offered the use of another room for our daughter (11 years old) but declined as both rooms gave access to outdoors. The next day we had the choice of two rooms, one smelt strongly of cigarettes so went for the other as we were told we had no choice. The hotel also stated they would change us to half board for the three remaining nights. The room we moved to had a bathroom with ventilation only into the bedroom meaning all the sheets, floor and clothes went damp. The air conditioner was switched off at the main electric box which was next to the bed and the system appeared to have mould in it so I didn't try using it. It seemed strange we only found two cockroaches. The sewage covers were outside and quite strong at times and no lighting was provided in the dark to get to our room. The evening meal, to be fare, was ok but we were sat near reception where we could see constant complaints. No wine list but managed to get a local cheap wine for 16 euro. Breakfast was a little better than poor and after looking at previous reports noted that the hotel still has only about five breakfast bowls and a broken cereal dispenser. Like our experience every complaint ended with the staff ringing the owner "signora". I really thought that places like this don't exist any more. The toilet paper was the cheapest I've ever seen along with any other items. It was clear that the hotel are spending the minimum possible and are doing without wherever possible. I struggle most with the fact that the staff have all put their morals well behind them to serve a matriarch. This place is a sham of what was once an apparent hotel of beauty that cared for visitors. We were offered a free lunch and a further massage but declined as we just wanted to leave and stay elsewhere but clearly this was not going to happen. I know words like this are wasted on the management or staff as it is clearly grab the money while they can but with such a lovely location this hotel should not be in the hands of people who don't want to do the job.

btrapp786 - Arezzo, Italy

TripAdvisor Traveler Review Rating Reviewed 5 months ago

The hotel is just so close to Aragonese Castle of Ischia Island. This area called as Ischia Ponte. Not in a centre where there is a port. You can reach with bus so easy because bus stop is in front of the hotel. Firstly it doesnt seems like a 4 star hotel. We have been there for 2 night with my boyfriend on March. The room was very clean and was big with a balcony and has a beautiful panorama of Aragonese Castle. But for 4 star hotel, inside of the room there was nothing. No slippers, no water, no tea& coffee, no wifi. I never had a line for my cell phone. Also paints of the room was become old. The breakfast was so poor too. The plates, knifes, forks were not in so clean condition. Maybe in summer time they care more their hotel but in winter time they should care too; otherwise better they close the hotel like others that we saw in Ischia Island. The stuff was kind and smiling , we love this, but only this :)

THEGZM - Istanbul, Turkey

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