October 28, 2017 for 3 nights for 2 adults.

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The Explorean Kohunlich in Kohunlich, Mexico

Enter into a beautiful tropical escape, deep in the jungles of Quintana Roo and far away from the distractions of the modern world, and discover The Explorean Kohunlich in Mexico. Near the Belize border at the base of the Yucatan Peninsula, this fabulously unique resort sweeps you away to the depths of untouched nature. With an all-inclusive program, consisting of meals and programmed activities each day, The Explorean Kohunlich will have you actively immersed in the environment. Stay in thatched-roof bungalows, where regional and modern style meet, and an open design brings the sights and sounds of nature into your room. Cool stone floors lead past gorgeous bathrooms with walk-in showers that open to your private garden, and lead out onto a porch complete with personal hammock. Breathe in the refreshing forest air, soak in the brilliant sunny skies, and discover the magic of the rainforest with your stay at The Explorean Kohunlich.

As the sun rises majestically over the lush jungle canopy, head out to explore the wonders of ancient Maya with a tour to the Kohunlich archaeology site. Climb the pyramids for a sweeping view, then hike to Dzibanche to explore the Temple of Lintels and the Temple of the Owl. Take a day trip to Campeche, to see the sites of Xpuhil, Becan and Chicana, or go mountain biking along the eight-kilometer trail to Chichan-Ha, where there was once a 16th century Franciscan Mission. Rappel down a 70-meter rock face in Paraiso, shimmering waters stretching out below, then cool off with a swim in the depths of Bacalar Lagoon. Delight in a kayaking tour from the cenote of Xul-Ha, stretching down a channel back to Bacalar Lagoon, or up Jade Channel to the magnificent Rio Hondo. After a day spent exploring these truly remarkable landscapes, return to the resort for a relaxing massage or soothing body treatment at KI'OL Spa and unwind before dinner. Sit down to gourmet regional and international cuisine at the resort's restaurant, with a warm welcome and casual ambiance, then sip a chilled cocktail at the lobby bar as day turns to night. With its combination of luxury, comfort and service - paired with extraordinary surroundings - The Explorean Kohunlich is a vacation experience to never forget.

Location of The Explorean Kohunlich

The Explorean Kohunlich
Escarcega Desviacion Ruinas de Kohunlich Km 5.65 Chetumal
CP 77981
Kohunlich, Mexico

Nearest Airport: CTM

Amenities for The Explorean Kohunlich

  • General Information
  • 40 Guest Rooms
  • Only 14+ Years Recommended
  • Dining
  • Restaurant
  • Bar
  • On-Site Amenities
  • Spa on Property
  • Outdoor Pool
  • Outdoor Whirlpool
  • In-Room Amenities
  • Private Patios or Balconies
  • No Televisions or Telephones
  • Private Gardens
  • Hammocks
  • En-Suite Bathrooms
  • Activities
  • Hiking
  • Kayaking
  • Mountain Biking
  • Ecological Excursions
  • Canoeing
  • Nature Walks
  • Wildlife Viewing
  • Rock Climbing
  • Bird Watching
  • Nearby
  • Historic Sites
  • Interests
  • Active & Adventure

Reviews for The Explorean Kohunlich

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TripAdvisor Traveler Review Rating Reviewed 2 days ago

This was my second time on the hotel (last one was 8 years ago), and I can say is my favorite place of all the time! Wonderful spaces surounded by the jungle, a very private rooms so you can feel really confortable. Daily included activities that you can enjoy on the water, the jungle, archeological places and more. You can be on the kayak or bike, but if you feel like not strong enough or simply don’t want to do it, crew will be with you to take you along to the tour. Activities are old people friendly. People is REALLY kind and ready to help. No crowded hotel. Excellent for relaxing. The food is deliciuos!! And they care of special diets, almost any kind. Is expensive, but totally worth the price. Aditional private activities are available for extra cost: extra tours, special dinners and more. Your stay will be full of beautiful details They are always trying to surprising and amaze you. A few cons: A place full of mosquitoes, insects and even wild animals (because of the jungle is not possible to avoid them). But people is always aware and prepared to avoid inconvenience. Hotel is far from civilization, so any hospital related emergency can take about an hour. They have medical asistance. Pro/Con: There is no cell phone many miles around, but they offer wifi on the lobby and restaurant Extra info for runners: If you are a runner, you can run along the street for many miles. Also the tour/activities will help you do a bit extra stuff while enjoying!


TripAdvisor Traveler Review Rating Reviewed 5 days ago

The hotel is very old and not well maintained. We waited an hour and half and recieved room without staff supervision. Wtf? Our room was full of aints and moscitos. Also people whom we saw here are over 50-60 y.o. so it is more for oldies, nothing compated with their chain hotel in Cozumel. Do not spend your money on this, pls.

Alina L - Moscow, Russia

TripAdvisor Traveler Review Rating Reviewed 1 week ago

Yes, you are in the middle of the Jungle, but you would never know it by the amentities, other than no TV, but they keep you busy with daily top notch, classy excursions set up for you. The only negative is the mosquitos in the woods on some excursions in the jungle, so bring lots of bug spray. The Chef is 'out of this world' with unique culinary display and the flavor is the best. Who would have thought this amazing little gem is in the middle of know where. Best stay ever. Like a cruise with all incusive, but better with all the excursions planned out professionally with shuttle service there and back. The guides are excellent, personable and knowledgable and English speaking. We would recommend this to all.


TripAdvisor Traveler Review Rating Reviewed 2 weeks ago

As the time for this vacation approached, I became more nervous about the upcoming stay at the Explorean Kohunlich because I was aware that there would be no cellular service, no wifi and no television in the cabanas. It was impossible to imagine being able to separate my connected life from those things. In fact, after checking in at Explorean and upon entering the cabana, the first thing that I attempted to do out of habit was to reach for the television control to find out what daily bizarre thing the President of the United States had done while we were traveling to Mexico. Two aspects helped me get over really quickly the need to be connected: 1) the Explorean is such a relaxing environment that you rapidly rediscover your side that appreciates the beauty and fascination offered by the jungle and, 2) if you need to check-in with connected life, the reception, pool and dining areas have good wifi so you can Facetime, Skype, answer your emails or catch up with the latest Trumpism of the day if you have to. The Explorean Kohunlich experience is not for those who are looking to sit all day at a Mexican beach drinking margaritas while going out to clubs at night. The hotel is in the middle of the jungle – 1 hour’s drive west of a “major city” (airport with one arrival/departure gate). There is no beach, no shopping, restaurants, nor entertainment establishments within the near vicinity outside of the Explorean complex. However, the Explorean Kohunlich all-inclusive experience can provide you a relaxing stay to lounge at the pool and have cocktails all day if that is your vacation objective. In my opinion, the scheduled group outings at the Explorean Kohunlich are what differentiate a stay here from other Mexican vacation spots. The hotel is composed of several cabana duplexes which, despite being duplexes, are privately situated. The hotel’s accommodations and facilities are most accurately rated as 4 stars. However, the overall experience, taking into account the premiere, personalized service provided by the staff, the exceptional food, the very thoughtfully planned activities and the staff’s additional personal touches are what make the overall Explorean Kohunlich experience 5 star. If you really want to understand what makes the Explorean unique, you will definitely need to participate in the activities. Everyday hotel guests are loaded into vans and transported to activities which range from ½ day to full-day events--- highly memorable outings that will make this stay different from the typical high-end Mexican hotel stay. The activity staff take great pride in having studied the history of the Mayan culture as part of their qualification to be a tour guide. They are also proud of their knowledge of the local flora and fauna which they share in their narrations in either English or Spanish. Of all the available activities, DEFINITELY go on the nighttime kayak tour to Chakambakam. There is an added surprise with that activity which will make the Explorean Kohunlich vacation one of the most memorable events of your life. The other benefit of being at a remote location which is disconnected from everyday technology is that a stay at the Explorean creates an environment designed for you connect with your partner. This is a perfect setup for couples to get to know one another again. There are children and families. The children mix well, however, with the couples on romantic getaways. The hotel’s guests will be a mix of majority Mexican nationals, Americans and a scattering of Europeans. Another distinctive aspect of the Explorean is the food. It is outstanding. I would have never expected to find in the middle of the Mexican jungle the high caliber of delicious well-prepared food that is provided in the Explorean. However, a qualified comment about the evening meals is that, while the introductory and main courses are outstanding, the desserts could be given more attention from the Chef. In sum, the reason to select the Explorean Kohunlich is for the overall experience and, as suggested by the hotel’s name, for the opportunity to explore. This is a definitely a place where guests should have an open mind to different experiences and to being disconnected from technology, as well as be inclined to participate in excursions in which they will need to be active. While the level of activity required will be nowhere close to that required in the television series “Survivor”, at times the activities can be “Survivor-light”; for example, walking barefoot through the silt of a mangrove savannah in waist high water or riding a bicycle though a muddy path in the jungle. The best characterization that I can give of the Explorean Kohunlich experience is that it is like “luxury summer camp in the jungle”. I found the stay to be cathartic. While, as with all facilities, there are minor details which can be criticized, the overall experience, the extra surprise details inserted, the caring “can-do” attitudes of the staff and the lifetime of memories which the stay offers make the Explorean Kohunlich a destination not to be missed. I have a few tips: Tip 1: What to bring and what to wear: One criticism is that neither on the hotel website nor in the printed mailed materials that we received in advance of arrival were we told what to bring. Definitely bring mosquito repellent and sun protection. Sun glasses and hats are mandatory. Regarding clothing, this is a casual place. During the day men and women will be fine with t-shirts, short sleeved shirts and shorts. For some active outings you will want to bring along a lightweight backpack and wear a long-sleeved athletic-type pullover top; the long sleeves are useful to protect against the sun and mosquitos. Sandals, athletic shoes and boat-type shoes (that can be submerged in water) will be needed. Don’t bring high-heeled shoes as you will get stuck in the mud or fall on the slippery, moisture-laden paths and will definitely be out of place. Of course, bathing suits are needed for the pool and jacuzzi. In the evenings, I noticed several ladies wearing resort-type casual dresses or shorts with blouses at dinner or outdoor loungewear at the pool. Tip 2: Bring along over-the-counter (OTC) medicines: As soon as I hit the room, I started to sneeze and to have a runny nose. I am allergy-sensitive and wished that I had brought along allergy pills. This location is in the middle of jungle where it rains for brief periods of time almost all days. Thus, some areas will have a mildew-like smell. Another guest had a toothache and was in search of an anti-inflammatory. The boutique in the resort does not carry very many typical medicines to combat these common ailments and there is no pharmacy available for several miles. So bring along a few OTC medicines to treat symptoms that might ruin your vacation should they arise such as allergy, cough, cold, or pain. Tip 3: If being connected to wifi is important, ask for a cabana that is close to the reception area. While none of the cabanas have wifi, all are located along a path at varying distances from the common areas. If you have a cabana which is closer to the entrance, your walks will not be as long to connect your laptop, cell phone or other device. Tip 4: Back courtyard mud: Every cabana comes with a secluded back courtyard which is made private by a tall stone wall and is accessed from the cabana’s bathroom. However, the back courtyard is not covered. During the rainy season of this visit (September/October/November) the back courtyard was mud. When we would return inside from the back courtyard we would track mud in the room. My recommendation is to not use the back courtyard and, instead, hang out on the front cement porch of the cabana which is covered. Tip 5: Bring a tablet if you absolutely can not vacation without being able to watch a movie: With Netflix you can download movies to your tablet when you are connected to wifi and watch those movies on your tablet at a future time in your cabana when you are not wifi connected. Tip 6: Have a few pesos available. The hotel will tell you at check-in that you don’t need any cash while staying at this all-inclusive experience—which is mostly true. I particularly like that they tell you that tips as you go along your stay are not expected and that at departure you will be given an optional opportunity to provide tips for all staff or for specifically designated individuals added to your final bill. However, if you decide to do an activity on your own (such as tour the Kohunlich ruins located only 2 kilometers away) you will have to pay your own entrance fee for the activities. The Kohunlich ruins site only accepts for the entrance fee Mexican pesos and does not accept cards or other non-Mexican cash currencies. And, the hotel does not offer a currency exchange service to make Mexican pesos available to guests from other countries. So, the best bet for not being required to have pesos is to conduct all of your activities in association with the hotel and not on your own.

BC_Dallas_Texas - Dallas, Texas

TripAdvisor Traveler Review Rating Reviewed 4 weeks ago

If you like eco friendly hotels with nice confort and wish to take a plunge to the mexican jungle, this is the right hotel to choose. The quality of its services (food and guiding) is impeccable! Their organized activities are always amazing. Take the time (one day) to visit the Calakmul Mayan ruines. I was really not aware of their importance within the mayan world. Worth a visit! Only con: lack of wifi in the rooms.

ghergar - Buenos Aires, Argentina

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