January 2, 2018 for 3 nights for 2 adults.

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The St. Regis New York in New York, New York

Located in the heart of midtown Manhattan, The St. Regis New York is within walking distance of lush Central Park, glamorous Fifth Avenue shopping, a collection of some of the world finest restaurants and New York's legendary theaters. An icon in a city filled with luxury, the St. Regis sets the standard for refinement and service. Inside the hotel find extraordinary amenities that include personal butlers, the decadent St. Regis Spa, a state of the art Fitness Center, savory appertifs and the legendary society club, King Cole Bar, and an exquisite menu prepared by famed chef Alain Ducasse at Adour Restaurant. Outside, find the magic of New York City waiting.

The luxurious interiors of the St.Regis radiate elegance. Public spaces are gracious yet intimate, while the Maxfield Parrish mural behind the bar of King Cole's Bar adds a touch of chic humor. Rooms and suites are exquisite, with custom-made furnishings and marble baths; several of the suites were designed by fashion masters Christian Dior and Bottega Venetta for the last word in style. Enjoying the many offerings of New York City is made easier with the St. Regis; before heading out stop in Astor Court for a refreshing breakfast, return in the afternoon for a quick work out and soothing massage and facial, then meet friends at King Cole Bar for a drink before dinner at Adour, and a night on the town, in the city that never sleeps.

Location of The St. Regis New York

The St. Regis New York
2 East 55th Street
New York, New York

Nearest Airport: LGA

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TripAdvisor Traveler Review Rating Reviewed 1 day ago

Wow is this place a huge disappointment! I have waited for years to stay here. We splurged and stayed for my birthday. At nearly $1000 a night, one would expect an awesome, personal, over the top experience. It is just the opposite. None of the staff are very friendly. And they do nothing to accommodate you. As an example, they gave me a free dessert for my birthday. Nice... except that you HAD to eat it in the restaurant. Can I take it to go or order it for in room? Impossible they said. Can I get it at 3:00 .... impossible! We have tea now. Can I get it after dinner? Impossible, we are fully booked! So, I never did get dessert. We get two free drinks in the bar as our SPG gift.... IF we wanted to wait 45 minutes for a table in a crowded loud bar. You want to use the infamous Bentley?’s never there. We even tried to call ahead...impossible. Then we asked for the bellman to call us a cab instead. Impossible again. You have to come down and wait in the cold instead, then we will flag a cab. If you want coffee or tea, there is none in the room, you have to ask the butler....but ONLY at certain times. Otherwise, too bad. It felt like they did everything possible to make your stay more difficult. After a while we just wanted to leave....we saw our butler exactly twice in 6 days. It is a terrible location, not close to a subway station.... the rooms are nice I guess, but small for cost. There is literally no lobby. So, you stand around if you need to wait for a car, etc. Housekeeping, I will say, was superb. Wish I had never stayed. What a disappointment after waiting all these years....don’t waste your time or your money on a hotel that truly could care less....

NcGhiagirl - NC

TripAdvisor Traveler Review Rating Reviewed 2 days ago

This is a long review but this time of year with so many people travelling with family and children I felt it was worth going over all elements of our recent St. Regis NYC stay. Touching on disappointments in general experience due to lack of customer service and attention to detail. As well as lack of children's amenities for those traveling with littles this holiday season. Surprised my mother and 6 year old daughter with their first trip to NYC to take in all of the Christmas magic the city has to offer. The dates I had to come were not available at SR so we were only able to stay 2 of our 5 nights there. Since it was such a special trip I decided to go big and wanted mom and daughter to have top notch experience so opted for Sr NYC as I had not stayed at this SR before. I wanted everything throughout the stay to be absolutely perfect and make it an unforgettable trip for mom and daughter. Arrival - Upon check-in, I was struggling to get all of our luggage out of the uber while a few doorman chatted amongst themselves. After I had the bags onto the sidewalk it was 5 minutes before someone walked over and offered to help. For a first impression, it was less than ideal as I had read countless reviews on the top notch customer service and attention to detail. I travel frequently and have stayed at countless hotels on all ends of the spectrum including other SR properties. Wasn’t impressed as a woman carrying 10 bags and suitcases with a child as I’d guess I would have been a prime candidate to offer help to. Check-in – It was around 4:30pm and we waited about 10 minutes in line behind 5-6 other guests checking in. Once we were up. I should note that it is Christmastime and there was very quiet music faintly playing but it was not holiday themed. Experience - While waiting we entered the sugar plum pop up shop. Gal sitting at the register looked at us yet didn’t greet us, offer assistance etc. Simply looked at us and went back to what she was doing. I should note that I emailed 3 times leading up to our arrival sharing that I was trying to make this a very special, memorable trip and wanted my daughter to feel like she was in a Christmas dream. I emailed the e-butler once and the concierge twice inquiring on what, if any, welcome amenities were available for children. If I could order something special to have in the room waiting for her etc (for example The Peninsula across the street leaves a stuffed bear in room for kids with a candy tray with their name spelled out in candy and a welcome card, and has a candy shop they let the kids go into and select candy from). I did NOT receive a single reply back, and still haven’t received a reply a week after my stay. I asked again at check-in if there were any amenities for children and was given a junky coloring set and a st regist hat. Although I appreciated it, not the caliber you’d expect at a luxury property. Especially during the holidays were families are often travelling with their children in tow. Once we were in the room and our bags brought up, a gentleman came by and informed us that our butler would be reaching out to introduce themselves and ensure we had everything that we needed. We were thirsty and requested 3 water bottles. The gentleman told us he doesn’t do water but that he would let our butler who would be by shortly to introduce themselves to us to bring it right away. 1 hour and 45 minutes later no water, no butler had reached out to us. Possibly one of the biggest and most disgusting surprises was the fruit tray left in our room. While I appreciate the gesture of SR leaving us a small fruit tray as a snack. Our apple was visibly bruised and mushy and the grapes on the top (impossible to miss) were literally rotten (see pics below). Not acceptable quality and again, a big miss on attention to detail. Someone either saw the grapes and made the terrible decision to leave them for us anyway, or didn’t see them at all…a quality control issue that needs addressed. One thing that bothered me is that 3 guests were registered to the room yet when offered turn down service and we took it, there were 3 of us there but they only left 2 bottles of water. Again, a missed detail I wouldn’t expect for the price the hotel goes for. I will add, that I was redeeming points but that is obsolete as I was charged 37,700pts per night and the level of service should be the same regardless. That is a ton of points to be charged to not be greeted, not get water, be left with literally a rotting fruit tray and to not even be contacted by our alleged butler. Room was fine, beds were fine (not overly confortable but not miserable) did not blow us away but there were 2 pros highlighted below. The bedside light on one of the beds was broken and hanging on the wall. Which I found off-putting since again, for the level of hotel maintenance should be kept up. The two things we appreciated and the biggest PRO’s of the SR were 1) the room was very quiet and 2) the bathroom and tub are much more spacious than your average NYC hotel. Staying at competitor hotels on the highest floor you can still hear significant noise that was not heard on the 16th floor of the SR. Ordered coffee from the butler we allegedly had (still hadn’t heard from them by day 2). Requested a hot chocolate for the child in the room. Was told we could only get 1 cup of coffee or tea per person (strange and cheap to announce this to us when we were only attempting to order a drink per person) and that if we wanted anything other than coffee or tea we’d have to order it via room service. Obviously, the hotel has milk (is served with coffee and tea) and chocolate syrup as they offer chocolate milk downstairs. The idea that they wouldn’t offer a morning amenity for a child when they have all of the tools and ingredients at their disposal is a complete joke. This would be a very simple tweak to offer a child friendly drink as part of the beverage service. It’s not as if we couldn’t go to a coffee shop and get chocolate milk. the principle, and yet another disappointing experience at a hotel touted for excellence. So far we had seen nothing near excellent that would merit $800-$1500 a night rate or 37.5k points. Dining – Dined at Astor Court for lunch one day. We were seated for 45 minutes and had already had rolls, had placed our lunch entrée order and an appetizer had been dying on the table for 20 minutes before I finally asked for a second time if our empty water glasses could be filled. I asked 15-20 minutes into lunch as my daughter sat with nothing to drink when I was served my bloody mary. The tuna tartar was bland and swimming in whatever sauce it was served with. So much so that it sat on the table the entire meal. I would’ve shared this had I have been asked how it was. I opted to remain quiet out of sheer surprise that a service staff wouldn’t pick up on the fact that we were obviously displeased. I should add I spent 5 years working in one of the top fine dining restaurants in the city and work in sales interacting with a variety of hospitality and dining venues, high end properties, upscale restaurants and hotels regularly so I am very familiar with expectations, service etiquette, the importance of reading guest satisfaction etc. Salads were both bland with zero flavor of any kind but mom and I ate them because we were starving. Had Bloody Mary & a glass of champagne, both were as expected. The only thing that was good at lunch was daughter’s grilled cheese and the rolls, which were a good variety and served warm with soft butter. A+ on the bread-basket. - Aside from the water situation and the food being underwhelming, our busser and server Tony were attentive. Room Service – ordered room service for dinner, entrees were cold and we sadly weren’t surprised based on all of the other food we had tasted. Concierge – We did not have any major concierge needs as I had already planned our entire itinerary but I did stop at the concierge desk twice with questions and both times the gal with short dark hair was friendly and helpful. Takeaways – - If travelling with children I absolutely do not recommend staying at St. Regis NYC. Zero amenities for children and their two competitor hotels both very close by, The Peninsular & The Plaza, have numerous darling amenities and packages for purchase for kids that are a total blast. My 6 year old daughter felt like a queen at both competitor properties as they both go out of their way to ensure kids feel included and have fun. I know that not every property aims to attract children and maybe SR just prefers to minimize small guests. That may be the case though the Plaza and Peninsula have both found successful models to capture all audiences both single travelers and those with families and guests and staff seemed genuinely happy/enjoying their time at both of these properties while we were there. There is a lot to be said for having a luxury experience that is also fun for the kids = more families spend time and money on the convenience without compromising quality = more $$$$ for hotel. - Do NOT waste your time or money dining at SR. Food is lackluster at the very best. - For the price and the points we found it to be absolutely NOT worth it and consider it a SR Fail. The quiet, large bathroom and bread basket were great but the overall attention to detail and customer service need major attention to be competitive with other NYC luxury hotels. I felt completely ripped off on points and wished I could do it over again and get them back. Wasting almost $400 on food over 2 terrible meals only added insult to injury. (I have heard Chatwal is great and will stay there next time). - I will also add that though it is Christmas time the SR was one of the least Christmassy hotels we visited. This isn't a con for some people just noting it for those seeking a heavy holiday experience, Christmas music being played etc. - The fruit tray situation was disturbing mostly because my daughter was eating the grapes before I noticed the rotten ones staring up at me. The thought of her eating moldy grapes is not ideal obviously. - Highlight of the hotel was King Cole Bar. Angel was AWESOME as a bartender. On top of service, friendly, engaging even though they were very busy. I can see why there are so many regulars at the bar with Angel behind it. He was one of the only staff we saw smile the entire stay (the other was the concierge gal mentioned above). I will absolutely stop back into King Cole bar for drinks on future visits as I am in NYC about once a month. Stay elsewhere and pop into King Cole for drinks.

EH619 - Seattle, Washington

TripAdvisor Traveler Review Rating Reviewed 2 days ago

Again the St Regis never fails to provide excellence in every way! New York is busy in December but we never felt rushed or not important (and we aren't!) at the hotel. The doormen are wonderful greeters and the check in staff are professional but very welcoming. We only stayed 3 days this time but the rooms are beautiful and so relaxing.We had a quick lunch at the King Cole Bar today (check out day) and although packed they were able to get us a table. The gentlemen that bring up the luggage are really sincere and great ambassadors for the hotel.

C J - Hamilton, Bermuda

TripAdvisor Traveler Review Rating Reviewed 3 days ago

It's hard to write a review like this, because this is a very nice hotel in a great location. The concierge and bellmen outside are fantastic, but I had a bad experience that cannot be overlooked, and should not happen at a 5 star hotel. I had requested a 2pm check in, though was told if unavailable I'd have to wait to check in until 3pm. No problem I understand some guests have late checkouts. Upon arrival at 230 we were told our room wasn't available yet, so my wife and I decided to go to the restaurant to grab lunch. We walked up to the hostess and asked for a table. The restaurant was completely empty, so we were relieved we wouldn't have to wait to eat. The hostess told us it was reservation only. I was pretty floored at this point, how an empty restaurant and off lunch hours can't seat two patrons of the hotel for lunch. Fast forward to 3pm. Our room wasn't ready yet, but we were told it was guaranteed by 4pm. Not like the other 5 stars I've stayed at, but OK we can wait another hour. 4pm I go ask for my room and was told by the man working the front desk there weren't any rooms available yet. I mentioned that the room was supposed to be guaranteed by 4pm, and he looked at me and said they are, but one isn't ready to please wait for them to call. This was about my breaking point. I called SPG corporate to complain and we finally got a room by 530PM, along with some token points as an apology. I had a dinner reservation for 630PM so my wife and I had no time to relax before going out. A manager at the hotel did apologize to me and mentioned the SPG points, but frankly it is not enough, and I plan to file a complaint with SPG directly since this hotel doesn't care about their customers enough. And although the bar area looked nice, don't even think about trying to get a seat there, as it's jam packed. I'll go back to the Ritz or Four Seasons next time. If this hotel cared maybe they'd call and try to make amends, but my money bets they don't.

Rmani81 - NJ

TripAdvisor Traveler Review Rating Reviewed 6 days ago

I had the pleasure of staying here for 6 days over Thanksgiving...while it is a very busy hotel, you ALWAYS feel as if you are their only guest. Elegant and tastefully decorated, fresh fruit on a side table, your room is unobtrusively serviced twice a day.....In the evening you return to mood lighting, soft music playing on the Bose, a bottle of water beside your bed, slippers on the floor. No matter how hectic your day, you feel a complete sense of relaxation. I only contacted the Butler once, for coffee at arrived promptly and was the perfect start to the day. Breakfast was wonderful, many selections and prepared exactly to your taste. The Thanksgiving Dinner was excellent and the Turkey Terrine, served with the traditional meal was a little bit of heave. I hope to return to this gem! The nicest stay I've ever had in NYC.

MsfussyMi - Troy, Michigan

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