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Keemala in Phuket, Thailand

The creative designs of the four styles of villas at the brand new Keemala represent ancient mythical settlers in Phuket. Connected by a lush jungle path and cascading streams, the villas feature intricate wood-carved furnishings, oversized beds with canopies and private pools. Keemala’s Executive Chef and gastronomy team preside over four dining venues, including poolside and in the wine cellar. Eight private rooms at the spa feature traditional holistic healing techniques, like massages using soaked warmed seaweed and herbs.

Get your blood pumping with an early morning jungle jog through the nearby rubber plantation down to the beach. Stroll along the jungle path to a nearby waterfall for a midday picnic. Soothe your senses at Keemala Spa with a natural raindrop therapy treatment. Watch the sunset over Kamala Beach while sipping a chocolate martini at the bar. Relax to the sounds of the rainforest and enjoy the view from your private pool.

Location of Keemala

10/88 Moo 6, Nakasud Rd. Kamala, Kathu District
Phuket, Thailand

Nearest Airport: HKT

Amenities for Keemala

  • 38 Rooms, Cottages & Villas
  • 24-hour Room Service
  • iPod Docking Stations
  • Complimentary WiFi
  • Complimentary Valet
  • Poolside Bar
  • Steam Room
  • Aromatheraphy, Massage & Facials
  • Yoga
  • Cooking Classes
  • Martial Arts
  • Jungle Jogging

Reviews for Keemala

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TripAdvisor Traveler Review Rating Reviewed 3 days ago

One day I come with my friends to dinner in Keemala hotel, there service is good and specially Indian food is very delicious, I met to chef Deepak Singh, he made delicious food, great job chef, thank you

อภันตรี ส

TripAdvisor Traveler Review Rating Reviewed 2 weeks ago

On the surface Keemala looks incredible. But behind the beautiful villas and gardens, this resort hides the fact it needs a major update. The 2 stars do not reflect the facade of Keemala as it is visually beautiful - the 2 stars are for the major disappointment we felt after spending more on this resort for 3x nights than all the other resorts we stayed in Thailand combined. This resort was to be the highlight of our trip, a complete blow-out, and ending our holiday on a high - and in complete luxury. Instead we were left incredibly disappointed, let down and resentful of having paid so much to stay there and having such high expectations as they were dashed pretty quickly. This claims to be a 5 star resort after all. We stayed in one of the Tree Pool House Villas from 1st - 4th March. Compared to most reviews, we clearly had a rare bad experience - but it ruined the end of our trip so I feel inclined to go against the general good reviews and write what we experienced, which was not worth of more than 2 stars. Perhaps we got a dodgy villa as the cleanliness was not what I would expect from a 5 star resort. A small hut we stayed in at the Elephant Nature Park in Chiang Mai was cleaner than our villa in Keemala. There were stains all over the day bed on the lower level, the bath was sticky and covered in a sandy type residue, the menus/information booklets in the room were tatty, torn, and faded so much that we actually couldn't read some of the pages, housekeeping failed to clean bins on one occasion, the entire place was covered in dust....I could go on. The doorbell on the villa needs to be increased in volume dramatically! If ordered room service, one of us literally had to sit inside the villa waiting just so we could hear the door - sometimes this took 20mins. When sitting outside, we couldn't hear a thing and missed many calls and people knocking on our door. Why can't decent doorbells be installed so guests can actually hear someone knocking when sitting by the pool?? The layout of the villa doesn't make sense as the only TV is upstairs in the bedroom - there is nothing down in the 'living area'. The lighting is really dark (as another reviewer mentioned) in the villa in the evenings so the flicker of a TV whilst having evening drinks in the villa would have been welcoming rather than it being stuck upstairs next to the beds. It would also have been nice to watch a movie in the 'living area' whilst lounging on the (albeit) stained day bed. Why is the only TV upstairs by the beds? The resort claims the Tree Pool House villa is ideal for 'friends travelling together' which is why I specifically chose that villa over all the others (not just for 'couples') yet the layout is clearly aimed at a romantic getaway. I don't think this was fair. The service we encountered was frustrating. As friendly as the staff are, they came across as confused and badly trained. Every single order we made, whether for lunch, dinner or room service, they got something wrong, missed an item, or took ages. We lost count of the amount of times we had to call the waiter back who had taken our order to ask where one of our dishes/drinks were. Every occasion they looked confused - yet they had taken the original order. Often when we called reception from our villa no one answered the phone, as our villa host never seemed to b around. She also forgot about us when we checked in. We arrived early (official check-in is at 3pm) so we went to the restaurant for lunch. Our host told us she would endeavour to have the room ready before 3pm (as we arrived at 1pm) and that she would come and get us. At around 3.20pm, lunch finished, check-in time been and gone, but still no sign of our host, we headed back to the lobby where she suddenly came running out towards us as we approached. She had clearly forgotten all about us. On our last day, as a treat, we ordered some Prosecco and were served flat drinks. Trivial perhaps, but this resort claims to be 5 star resort - the worst part was when I returned the drinks, the staff member didn't seem surprised at all and just said 'no bubbles?' before I got a chance to explain myself. If she suspected the drink was flat, why service it to us? It's the finer details that this place falls short on in so many areas. Other reviewers have commented on the misleading location - I agree completely that this resort is not as remote and serene as the website claims. The views from the main resort are of construction sites further down the hill, you can hear motorbikes in the distance from the main road running along Kamala Beach. It is not the quiet, remote forest setting we were promised on the website. Another reviewer commented on the fact that there are no sun loungers in the Tree Pool House Villa and the General Manager responded saying basically if they wanted sun, they should have booked another Villa (Tent Pool Villa for example). Not the best response when someone has forked out a load of money on a villa and the website doesn't explain this. I too asked for at least one lounger on the upper level the day we arrived so one of us could at least lie out either in the sun or shade. Our host looked confused and said she would call Housekeeping - the following day I still heard nothing. I chased up and then eventually received 2 stayed cushions thrown on the floor of the terrace. This happened to the previous reviewer too. Again, I don't expect to lie on stained cushions on the floor when I have paid to stay in a 5 star resort. I would expect a fully assembled sun lounger on request. The upper terrace of the Tree Pool House villa receives a good 4 hours of sun a day in the afternoon (for the record) and has plenty of room for one lounger (Appreciate two is a push) so I don't understand why (especially when other reviewers have commented on this also) that management have not done anything about it. With the right management this resort could be incredible as it has a lot of potential - but be aware it really is not as remote as it claims. At the moment it feels shabby and unkempt in places and the staff are unorganised - and there didn't seem to be a lot of them around. We felt like we were there off-season as on a couple of occasions when we went to the restaurant, there was no staff around and we had to go and find someone to serve us. Just ridiculous. Apparently the resort has only been open a couple of years and already it feels neglected. So yes, visually it looks lovely and the staff are friendly - but compared to other resorts we stayed in in Thailand, which varied in style and comfort, they all exceeded our expectations for value for money and service whereas Keemala was a massive disappointment. Keemala was not worth the high amount we spent on it, service needs to be looked and staff need re-training, and the upkeep and cleanliness needs an overhaul. We ended our trip to Thailand incredibly frustrated due to Keemala which has annoyed us especially as it was so expensive. I'm afraid I cannot recommend this resort to anyone as I don't feel it's a 5 star resort so not value for money. When you scratch below the surface it really is not acceptable. My friend and I will not be returning.

Cara G - London, United Kingdom

TripAdvisor Traveler Review Rating Reviewed 2 weeks ago

This is my second experience at Keemala and I expect there will be a third, fourth, etc. Everything from accommodations to activities have been finely tuned and the staff are so willing to please. I have seen nothing but smiles since I have been here, something I rarely see in the USA. Especial thanks to Connor, Jeff and Pk, see you next year.

mikemA2328OF - Washington DC, District of Columbia

TripAdvisor Traveler Review Rating Reviewed 2 weeks ago

We booked the Cottage Pool Villa but was upgraded to the Tent Pool Villa. Based on our experience, here's what I can say: The good: - Very unique looking resort. You feel like you are in a different world. Everywhere you go, you always get a good camera shot. - They have this photo tour where a staff take you around the resort. That was great. - Very warm, smiling & attentive staff. Shoutout to Nadia, Dee, Mon, Darell, Joe, Joy & Jeab. - Personalized welcome letter with your name & signed by the Manager, Connor; that's nice. We booked them direct & we exchanged a lot of emails to make sure everything is perfect. Jeab said Connor wants to meet us but it's his day off. Joe, a fellow Filipino was also asked by Connor to be part of the welcome staff & agreed to postpone his day off & it was nice to converse with him in our native language. Just to make you happy, they do the extra mile here. - There's a complimentary cooking class & it was nice to connect with some other guests from other countries. - They offer/serve complimentary water by the resort's main pool. That's a plus! - There is this lighting ceremony with drums at around 5pm, so catch it. - I've read that the Mala Bar is ranked as one of the world's best bar for couples so don't forget to drop by. - The Mala Restaurant has good-tasting food & the price is acceptable. - The gym is open 24 hrs & it's an added advantage since I like to workout late. - The room is clean, spacious & is very romantic with all the wood carvings & many intricate details. The Tent Pool Villa has 2 Bathrooms (1 is located behind the bed with enclosed shower, outdoor shower, toilet & lavatory & the other 1 has lavatory & bathtub facing the private pool) - They have an in-room bar with drinks, some snacks & it's complimentary (alcohol has a fee) - The turn-down service is appreciated. It was my companion's birthday & they put a complimentary cake during this time while we were away at the restaurant. They also put additional complimentary glass bottled water during this time beside the bed. The Not So Good/Needs Improvement: - They could have put like arranged flowers or something in the bed to say "Happy Birthday" like many luxury resorts I've been to. - The food serving size at the Mala Restaurant is small & that could be improved. - They don't have well-laid out buffet for breakfast. You have to order first from their menu. Note again that serving size is small so take that into consideration when ordering. If you have a morning flight, make sure to add in that extra time for them to cook your breakfast. Or just order the Breakfast in Bed & it's free. - We asked for service water at the Mala Restaurant at dinner & we were told that they don't have it. If we want water, we have to pay for it & that's sad. - The Gym has 2 floors & the lower ground floor needs maintenance & the flooring needs to be replaced. I was thinking: If the restaurant doesn't offer free water, you can just take a few steps to the gym & take water, LOL. - The lounge chair by the resort's main pool don't have a foam topper. I think they were keeping it when we were there. I was also looking for the towel when I was there & I found it on a table near the bathroom's entrance. They could have put it on the lounge chair itself for convenience. - They need to do something about the view at the main pool, probably some landscaping like tall bamboo at the further end of the property as to not destroy the infinity pool design. You are looking over at an unfinished construction of a nearby building. When we took photos by the pool, we tried to avoid those odd view. - I went to the lobby to request if we could have a late checkout by just 1 hour. The receptionist told me "No." So I walk away & glad I found Jeab, the main staff assigned to us while walking back to our room so she took charge. Jeab is simply awesome. - I was expecting to have a free nice amenity kit of the room that you can take home like soap, shampoo or lotion; something like the amenity kit of a flight's Business Class. Though they provide liquid soap, shampoo & conditioner for the room, it's in a refillable container so you can't take them home. I was disappointed seeing that because for me, that's cost cutting. - The interior lighting of the Tent Pool Villa is too dark at night. Just change the bulbs w/ higher lumens & that will solve it. - My shin always hit/bump the protruding edge of the wooden platform bed. It really hurts. They need to do something about that bed frame. - Our villa's internet keeps on dying. I even put it on my email to check the room for any maintenance issues before we check-in but still this happened. The staff went twice though to fix it. - I do suggest they put like a pathway or stair connecting the lobby & the main pool as a shortcut so you don't need to ride the buggy to go to these 2 places. As an architect, I think it could be done. Overall: Though there are some shortcomings but I still rate them 5. The warm & heartfelt service of the staff made up for it. They treat you like you're old friends here. This is one of the resort that you would like to keep coming back because of the warm service. Highly Recommended!

architectyaun - Cebu City, Philippines

TripAdvisor Traveler Review Rating Reviewed 3 weeks ago

Although a 3 rating means average, the Keemala is not an average hotel. However, it falls short on so many dimensions that despite its above average beauty, I would not stay there again. The decor is the top strength of the Keemala. The gardens and pool area are beautiful, the way the hotel blends into nature is great, the pottery and bath products used are of high quality and the room we stayed on (bird’s nest 702) was tastefully decorated and grand. I cannot compliment enough the decor, design, landscaping and furnishings. That is what makes the Keemala feel like a super luxury hotel while still keeping the relaxed atmosphere we wanted from a vacation in Thailand. The views are, unfortunately, not at par. In fact, the views of the Keemala are much better than the views from the Keemala. Our bird’s nest was open and with view over Kamala Beach and the ocean. However, Kamala is not a really nice area so between the Keemala and the ocean one rests the eye on ugly buildings and construction sites. It might be a better deal to get one of the rooms without view and remain focused on the beauty of Keemala’s gardens. The service is spotty. One one side, we encountered incredibly attentive and nice staff members (Aor, Joy, Mai to name a few) that made our stay comfortable. On the other side, there were several issues. For example, the blinds of our bathroom were put down during the first night’s turn down service and could not be put up; the staff that came to help us put them up broke the cord and left them down; the next day after a full day out, they were still down and broken when we got back to the room. Another example was that we ordered a snack on the second night, we gave the tray to a staff member that came to drop mosquito repellent later; that person just left the tray by the door of the room and it stayed there until we checked out a day and a half later. Finally, I will comment on the food. It is also of variable quality. The breakfast juices, home made yoghurt, home made jams, fruit selection (some grown in the property), smoked fish (made in-house), pork shiu mai and crystal shrimp dumplings get all very high marks. The smoothies in the pool and the coffee (all; drip, espresso, iced lattes, etc.) are also great. What makes all of it great is the quality and freshness of raw materials. The restaurant (Mala, which fittingly means bad in Spanish) is, on the other hand, disappointing. The steamed sea bass was very good. As far as the rest goes: flavorless som tam lacking spice, coconut soup with chicken with great quality chicken but lacking in flavor, massamam curry lacking spice and too sweet (my theory is that the curry paste is not doing the trick). It is tough to eat like this in Thailand because the cuisine is so incredible all over the country that with such amazing raw materials as the ones Keeemala uses, I would have expected truly amazing meals. It was not the case. The Keemala has a lot going for it and it might be a great place for many travelers. However, I feel that the variability in many aspects of our stay do not make the hotel competitive at its current price point.

TheERV - Geneva, Switzerland

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