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Iberostar Grand Hotel Bavaro in Punta Cana, Dominican Republic

Located amidst the swaying palms and pristine waters of the Coconut Coast of Punta Cana, you will find the IBEROSTAR Grand Hotel Bavaro. Renowned for its tropical atmosphere, spa services, and relaxing facilities and amenities, this Preferred Hotels & Resorts property is part of the LVX for a reason: a stay at this hotel is sure to be more luxurious than you can imagine.

Start the days with a Tai Chi class on the beach, then relax in one of the poolside hammocks or swim up to the bar for a drink. If looking for activities, you can enjoy kayaking, diving, snorkeling, and golf. When looking for something to eat, delight the palate at one of five themed restaurants featuring an array of dishes from Kobe beef to pasta, or lamb chops to lobster and seafood. As the day comes to an end, you can either dance the night away at the Spanish galleon, or head back to your suite and take in the views of the ocean and the resort, making a stay at IBEROSTAR Grand Hotel Bavaro second to none.

Location of Iberostar Grand Hotel Bavaro

Iberostar Grand Hotel Bavaro
Carretera Arena Gorda Bavaro, Higuey
Punta Cana, Dominican Republic

Nearest Airport: PUJ

Amenities for Iberostar Grand Hotel Bavaro

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Reviews for Iberostar Grand Hotel Bavaro

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TripAdvisor Traveler Review Rating Reviewed 18 hours ago

This was the first time we have ever stayed at an all-inclusive resort and we were a little apprehensive. We should not have worried as this is a very well run place offering a great experience. It is a three storied building around three sides with a pretty manicured garden in the middle featuring palms, hisbiscus and evergreens. Also a large lake with a full-size replica schooner which is a social centre. A smaller lake is home to swans, flamingos and smaller water birds. There is a large and configured swimming pool with a swim-up bar which is very popular. Beyond that pool a shaded area leads to the magnificent sandy beach and the sea. There are plenty of loungers and seats to suit all guests and staff regularly circulate to take orders for drinks. There are two buffet restaurants - Bella Vista and La Perla - and the food in both is as good as we have encountered in buffets anywhere in the world. Superb canapes and salads, excellent varieties of hot and cold meats and especially good fish including whole fish, crabs, mussels and plenty of superb lobster. Hot and cold soups including varieties of gazpacho were on offer as were many desserts although we never got that far! Both the red and the white wine were decent quality and the local beer - Presidente - is fine. There is a huge range of cocktails. Drinks both at and between meals were never ending and the service was top notch. The staff clearly love their work and could not have been nicer in a refreshingly informal way. It is usually wrong to single out anyone but Hector and Altagracia in Bella Vista were outstandingly nice and helpful. One of us had a stick and they could not have been more attentive in carrying plates and selecting fruit cuts. We cannot praise the food enough and the range of drinks more than supplemented it. Our room was large and very well equipped. It came with a butler service and when we needed something like a bottle of wine before supper it was delivered with a smile. The minibar was of course included and was stocked with our requests and meals can also be delivered to rooms if requested, which we did not. There is nightly entertainment which we did not sample and plenty of space for an evening (or daytime drink). The hotel is in a large development and we were told we could visit the other hotels using the shuttle although guests at the other places could not visit us. As the hotel does not allow children, it is relatively quiet although some guests at the pool could be a little boisterous after several hours of hitting the cocktails. Between the hotels is a beautifully manicured landscape including a golf course. It is not cheap but the quality of what was delivered was, we thought, value for money. We were well rested after seven days before we went off to tour around the Dominican Republic and then Haiti. We would rate it 5*.

Terry B - Antwerpen

TripAdvisor Traveler Review Rating Reviewed 19 hours ago

Stayed 6 nights from 12/5-12/11/2017. From moment you arrive till you leave the staff treats you great. Beach , pool , grounds, food are great. There were a lot of people this time so you had to get up early for good pool and beach chairs. People do tend to leave towels on chairs and not come back. The hotel should have a policy to bring back towels and not leave on chairs so that others may use chairs. Adults only resort. The animation team gets an excellent review from me. They work hard to keep you entertained. The music in the lobby is very good. The shows in the theatre are boring , they do same things repeatedly all the time. Could use more and better variety. There is not much night life but that's ok unless you like to party so go to another resort. The only things that I did not like is that this time around there were more groups of people and 2 groups were drinking way too much, talking loud and cursing. This is probably not typical of Iberostar Grand but even if people are on vacation they should not allow over drinking. Also I saw people from the other part of the other hotels on the Grand part of the hotel. There should be more signs telling people that the Grand is only for their guests.

peteye - new york

TripAdvisor Traveler Review Rating Reviewed 20 hours ago

I am a frequent annual traveler to PC and have stayed at 5 previous AI Resorts. I would place the Grand at the top of the list. First, I was struck by the friendliness and hard working staff. From the very first interaction and without any tip incentives, they all make sincere attempts to be helpful and truly sincere about making your vacation memorable. The Staff is clearly superior to all previous resort stays. One complaint is that after I started tipping, the service became ridiculous. Several of the wait staff would rush to push in my chair, prematurely clear my plates or wait for me outside the buffet line to take my plate to the table. Twice I had to firmly say "no" when a staff would grab my plate to take it 10 feet to my table. The service was great from the start but, after tipping, it went overboard for me. Too much can detract from the overall as, I have rated VG instead of Excellent. The butler service was nice but, not really necessary. The one time I requested information from my butlers, I was given incorrect information which caused me inconvenience and irritation. My room was clean and comfortable, first class. I was situated on the 4th floor with a "garden view". Actually, the view was the only negative about my room. From the balcony, I could only look down upon rooftops and walking paths. Looking out, I could only view palm leaves. The room was extremely quiet, pleasant. You may consider an upgrade to an interior room which would have a much more pleasant view. Also, this was the first resort that did not ask me, upon check-in, if I would like an upgrade. I ate all my meals at the buffets, primarily because I prefer the unlimited fruit and salad bars; the food was fine. Unfortunately, I am allergic to fish/seafood and, it appears this Resort features these foods. Everyone I spoke with rated the fish/seafood as top-notch. One complaint is that the fish was often served/presented with other foods, such as chicken. Guests would use the same utensils to serve themselves so, I did not want too take a chance on using a utensil to gather my chicken or other items when the same utensils were clearly used to serve fish. I also say chicken cooked on the same grill as the fish so, be careful if you have allergies. I did get sick one morning after breakfast. The only explanation would be bad milk used in my fruit shake. The Staff was sincere and caring. My illness was over within 24 hours and several purges but, a day on vacation was spent in the bed. The beach is very nice and does not experience the very bad seaweed problems that I have seen and experienced at other resorts. Towel service is great and there is no "card" system or counting towels, one-for-one. The pools are very nice, extremely pleasant, in or out. The grounds are not "immaculate" as other resorts but, that may be due to continued hurricane clean-up. Surprisingly, the beds are complete stripped every morning with new linens. I shower in the evenings so, I enter the bed clean and did not feel the necessity to have my bed changed every day. I suggested to the maid and the butler that they just make the bed and they stated that they are required to lay new linens every morning. As I have seen in other resorts, I suggested a card that could be placed on the bed requesting to not have the linens changed to save water and environment. I also would hang my towels but, they would always be replaced. I am accustomed to placing my towels on the floor if I need replacements. Maybe, the Grand will offer this option to help save costs, water and please environmentally conscientious Guests. The Resort was not full so, access to cabanas and palapas were easy to obtain. There is a "no reservation" policy which is ignored by Guests and not imposed by the Resort. I often read for hours in a cabana but, would notice nobody in adjacent cabanas, only the customary "reservation towel"? I never have a problem if a Guest leaves a cabana for some time on the beach or an hour or so for lunch but, many of these cabanas would sit empty for most of the day. If you have a policy, it should be enforced or, remove the silly signs. Many of the pool cabana curtains were in very poor shape. For a luxury resort, this did not meet the standard. I gave a very good but, my complaints are few and minor. The Grand is still the best vacation I have had in PC and, I will return.

Michael P - Rutland, Vermont, United States

TripAdvisor Traveler Review Rating Reviewed 1 day ago

Only about 30 minutes from the airport, the personal attention upon arrival let's you know you've made the right choice! Oceanfront room was stunning! The service is beyond compare. The food is like no other! Perfect. Perfect.

Michele C - York, United States

TripAdvisor Traveler Review Rating Reviewed 1 day ago

I would not give it five stars. It’s a good solid four star resort in comparison with others on Bavaro Beach. We visited a bunch in Punta Cana within last 15 years. This one stands out as a better one but I would not call it excellent. It’s definitely more expensive and there is some value added for extra dollars u spend but not much extra bang for your buck. Food is better than in most Punta Cana’s all-inclusives but do not expect something mind boggling, which is quite normal for a typical all inclusive resort, where one kitchen serves all restaurants and food leftovers are recycled between them, even at one of the best resorts. Service is excellent. Rooms and grounds are clean. Personnel are very friendly. Drinks are good quality premium brands. Shows are quite professional and entertaining. Beach experience is irritating. There are more than enough palapas on the beach, which is very unusual for Punta Cana resorts. That’s a very important thing for us as we like to spend most of our time on the beach, walking, swimming, etc. however, unfortunately they do not have enough beach beds, just two under each palapa and no extra ones for people who would want to stay out closer to the sea or under the sun. So these people pull out the beds from palapas rendering the palapas useless for others. Also, some palapas are got so low that people need to literally crawl underneath of them to get in. Also, because the resort policy does not limit how many beach towels people can take out some guest take many and throw them anywhere to reserve everything at the same time: beach palapas, pool cabanas, pool chairs, etc. Though this is forbidden by the polices people in general are inconsiderate, especially on their vacations and would totally ignore the rules, especially the rules which cannot be enforced. So as soon as “a towel reservation” game begins it spreads like a Forrest fire and u will be finding yourself needing to get up at at 6am to throw your towels to reserve a palapa or cabana and then u walk around at say 10or 11 am and see dozens and dozens of empty palapa and cabanas with nothing but towels under them. This problem is easily fixable by just providing a couple of dozens of extra beach beds to prevent people from cannibalizing chairs from palapas, and lifting some low palapas to make them usable again. Again, I would expect it everywhere else in Punta Cana in less expensive resorts but not this presumably number one on Bavaro Beach. I am on the beach right now as I’m typing this watching the guests who paid a lot of money for their trips here to this resort looking for spare beds and pushing and pulling them under palapas they managed to find empty and making other palapa useless in the process. A second annoying issue is diner reservations. Again, it’s expected anywhere else but it should not be annoying here. They made a production out of nothing. There are five restaurants requiring reservations, there are three or four seating times. So it’s about 15 or 20 options. How hard could it be? Here u need to tell your butler what and when u want to reserve. He supposedly should reserve it and give u receipts. Ours got mixed everything up. We went to a concierge and it took her two 30 min attempts at two different days and for us two separate stops to get something closer, not exactly, to what we originally wanted. And BTW, all those restaurants are half full anyway. This reservation process employs so many people and is so cumbersome it makes u laugh. Also, there is a whole bunch of nicely dressed people with bow ties and notepads chasing u around asking if u need anything. They stop u and practically grab u by the hand and ask u your room number. They do not sell or they do not promote anything. They barely able to speak English. They are not able to help u with anything anyway because they do not even understand it if u try to ask for something. At first it was pleasant to feel that u are being cared for but then when u realized that they are totally fake and are only for show it becomes very annoying. A couple of good English speaking concierges /which also barely speak 20 words in English/ would do much better job of assisting guests. Someone has to teach them that excellent service does not mean that they need to employ a bunch of people to chase their guests asking if they need anything but actually they need to provide such service that their guests would never really need anything. In conclusion, this one is better than many but probably not worth an extra thousand that my wife and I paid for one week comparing with others on Bavaro Beach or laromano

arisolovey - ny

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