February 6, 2018 for 3 nights for 2 adults.

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Sugar Ridge in Saint Mary, Antigua and Barbuda

Sun-kissed skies, cool ocean breezes and sweeping views of Antigua's west coast welcome you to luxurious Sugar Ridge. Perched on a hillside overlooking golden beaches, this boutique hotel blends sleek modern style with tropical Caribbean leisure. Spacious rooms are bright and airy and open through double doors to private verandas. Breathe in the fresh island air, stretch out on the daybed, and take a dip in your private plunge pool to cool off in the afternoon sun. Back in your room, plush four-poster beds offer complete comfort, while state-of-the-art systems provide all the entertainment you could need. At Sugar Ridge every day is truly this amazing, and is yours to enjoy.

Start your day with a visit to the spa, and leave feeling rejuvenated and ready to explore. Make your way down to soft golden beaches and find the perfect place to stretch out under the sun. Dive into crystalline waters and snorkel, kayak, and windsurf well into the afternoon. At Jolly Harbor Marina, take out a boat and enjoy a fabulous diving excursion, stopping at vibrant reefs and incredible wrecks, or head out on the open ocean for a day of deep sea fishing. Sail around the coast for a peaceful sightseeing trip on the water, or view the island in its entirety from high above on a helicopter tour. Hike across the island to the centuries-old Fort George and Fort Barrington, or take an amazing Antigua rainforest canopy tour that is sure to be a thrill. After a day spent enjoying the island and the sea, return to Sugar Ridge for the perfect dinner at Carmichael's. Sit down to a scintillating seasonal fusion menu and relax away the night as you gaze out over the coast and watch the sun set brilliantly beyond the horizon.

Location of Sugar Ridge

Sugar Ridge
PO Box 153
Saint Mary, Antigua and Barbuda

Nearest Airport: ANU

Amenities for Sugar Ridge

  • General Information
  • Connecting/Adjoining Rooms
  • Dining
  • Outdoor Dining
  • 2 Restaurants
  • 2 Bars
  • On-Site Amenities
  • Beauty Salon
  • Shuttle Service
  • Spa on Property
  • Fitness Center
  • WiFi
  • Live Entertainment
  • 2 Outdoor Pools
  • In-Room Amenities
  • Air Conditioning
  • Bathrobes
  • Ceiling Fans
  • Hair Dryers
  • In-Room Safes
  • iPod Docks
  • Iron/Ironing Boards
  • Private Verandas
  • Flat-Screen Televisions
  • Luxury Linens
  • Coffee & Tea Facilities
  • Mini Refrigerators
  • Activities
  • Pilates
  • Yoga
  • Nearby
  • Shopping
  • Restaurants
  • Golf
  • Beaches
  • Marina

Reviews for Sugar Ridge

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TripAdvisor Traveler Review Rating Reviewed 2 weeks ago

We dropped in for a coffee and to check the place out for a future stay . service was slow but we did eventually get a coffee and then ordered a second one . When we came to pay I handed over about 20usd in local currency and waited for my change . after 15 minutes it looked like the change scam was happening , when they hope you get bored and leave without waiting for your usd7 or whatever in change . We found someone who look really guilty who said that a very basic filter coffee was around $7 and so we still owed them a little bit of money . I know we were only walk-ins but this is a fairly basic hotel on a very steep hill and that is over twice what we have been asked to pay in six or seven hotels and resorts in antigua over the last week . I think the lady may have been making up the charge for a coffee to make a bit of money on the side , but in any case it is either ludicrous pricing or poor management of staff . avoid this place like the plague

geoffexplorer - UK

TripAdvisor Traveler Review Rating Reviewed 2 weeks ago

We did not realize, when we booked our hotel down the road from Sugar Ridge, that a New Years celebration was occurring there which was ultimately far better. Thus we spent the $130US a piece for Sugar Ridge "all inclusive." Pros: The young woman who booked the reservation was very pleasant and helpful Cons: Location signage: There are actually two entrances to Sugar Ridge, one that goes up a LONG STEEP hill to houses or condos and the other that is the main entrance. We found this out when we went to pick up our tickets and hiked to the top uninterrupted by the person in the guard shack. It should say something other than just Sugar Ridge on the sign to let visitors know there is a second entrance. Dress Code: There really isnt one. We were told that it was semiformal/formal with men required to wear long sleeve shirts optional tie and dress slacks which required us packing extra. Very few actually did this with several attending in shorts and very casual attire which would have been great. Venue/Food: Poorly managed event. When we finally were allowed entry they were still setting up tents and decorating. We kept expecting that when all was ready some announcement would be made which it never was. One would never know from the plain white table cloths and white bunting that it was New Years Eve and not just some simple wedding. Cheap plain hats, horns and tiaras. Theme was Game of Thrones and yet nothing indicated that. Food: We were told that dinner started at 9pm when the event was supposed to start. Guests were not allowed in until 9:45 and "dinner" was not announced or served until after 10:15. It consisted of conch soup which was very good, dry chicken skewers, sliced pork and sliced turkey all served in the red and white checkered paper boats that fries normally come in. No utensils other than a plastic spoon were supplied. Worst of all there were NO CHAIRS. There were 3 levels of tickets and we were in the midrange which consisted of 8 tall cocktail tables around the pool area. Guests had to find seating around the area on walls. Beverages: They had VERY limited selection to choose from. No white rums at all. There was a Ciroc bar which had limited Ciroc choices and a Johnny Walker bar. Rum punch was made individually which made the drink ordering process slow. Sparkling choices were also limited and cheap. There was not even an opportunity to purchase anything other than the limited liquors. Again, Jolly Beach had a FAR better selection for drinks. Staff: WAAAY too many staff. Prior to entry we had to go through security which seemed absurd. We were told it was to keep folks from going outside of their assigned ticket area. Up until 11pm we could freely roam between all three. After that it suddenly restricted us to the mid range ticket. Nothing was different in all three. The DJ was the same, no actual dance floor as it was the pool area, food was the same, beverages the same but the top tier tickets received light up champagne glasses- whoopee. No staff cleared the area of used food containers, plastic cups or napkins so it accumulated all around. There had to have been at LEAST two staff if not three to each guest and yet they did not smile or interact at all. Still not sure what most of them were there for. Entertainment: The guest DJs tent was finally ready around 11:15. He launched into at least two songs that had been played in the previous 30 minutes that few danced to which was absurd. Speakers way too loud even for an outdoor event. No one on the VVIP level was dancing, one couple on the VIP and about ten on the "cheap" tickets level. Anyone staying at the resort in the rooms surrounding the pool area would get NO sleep until it ended as the sound had to be going out to them. Bugs: On our arrival we were told to wait in the lobby. We saw SR guests applying copious amounts of bug spray. Jolly Beach down the road did not have any bug issue so we did not think about purchasing bug spray. I was bitten all evening while we were at SR so that added to the poor experience. They do not warn you that they don't do bug control at the resort or if they do it need VAST improvement. Overall: We are not folks who give up on an experience but give the venue a chance. At 11:15 seeing that things were not looking to get any better we cut our losses and took a cab back down to Jolly Beach Resort which had about 500 or more people a band and singer, packed dance floor, decorations that screamed celebrate, neon necklaces and wands, balloons galore and a festive atmosphere unlike SR which screamed boring wedding. By going to Sugar Ridge we missed a lovely buffet at JBR. Don't waste your money on this place for New Years when there are better, more well planned venues with more pleasant staff who want to celebrate with you.

AngelRN - Washington,DC

TripAdvisor Traveler Review Rating Reviewed 2 weeks ago

We checked in on the 27th December for 5 nights and were excited when we arrived at the beautiful resort that is sugar ridge, the staff were lovely and rooms were recently refurbished to a high standard. We caught the shuttle up to the top of the resort which is on top of a hill and it literally all went downhill from there.... The 6 sun loungers by the pool in a resort that boasts 60 rooms where all taken so we had to sit in the sun on an upright chair. To get back down to our room a car which services the resorts was called and took 20 minutes to arrive, we thought the delay was a one off but it became apparent that it was the only car the resort had and did their beach drops offs as well as acting as a shuttle up and down the resort so there was always a 20/30 minute wait. The driver of the shuttle Cartwright is a credit to the resort but honestly get another vehicle even if it’s a golf cart and employ another driver! You can’t make people wait long on their vacation! We went for breakfast at the sugar club the the next day and went to take our seats before we were asked to go back at the entrance and wait to be seated, when we finally were the breakfast that followed was honestly the blandest food I️ have ever put in my mouth, the best way to describe it is if you gave ingredients to a 5 year old and asked them to cook. How a hotel can get breakfast wrong is beyond me! We thought the hotels main restaurant couldn’t be nearly as bad but again we were left disappointed when we visited Charmichaels that evening. Rather than giving us a taste of the Caribbean we were served small portions of wannabe boujis food on huge white plates. No bottles of water are provided in the room other than when you first check in, if you have a resort on the hill surely you provide fresh bottles every day if not have them in the fridge as a mini bar option, no Sugar Ridge just leave you to dehydrate! On New Years Eve the resort held an outdoor party that finished at 4am, I️ love a party but guests should be warned prior to booking that if you’re looking forward to some shut eye on NYE after a few rums forget it! There’s a rave going on under your bed! In a nutshell whoever manages this resort seems to have no clue how to delegate, as warm and the friendly the staff are they need a leader to make this beautiful resort a great place to visit, until then I️ wouldn’t even stay at Sugar Ridge if it was free.......

Layken W - Austin, Texas

TripAdvisor Traveler Review Rating Reviewed 2 weeks ago

We went to Sugar Ridge for our wedding at the beginning of December and whilst the hotel itself was a lovely place to be and quite a lot of the staff were very pleasant and happy to help, there were a number of issues that we experienced. Some of the issues we had are as follows: - Taxis organised for our guests staying at another resort were supposed to be charged to our room, yet our guests were made to pay with cash when they arrived and I then had to reimburse them for both taxi journeys. - During the wedding our guests were supposed to be allowed to charge ALL drinks/food to our room, yet when we went to the beach with the photographer, our guests were not allowed to do this and had to put drinks on their own room bills. - On 3 occasions we waited over an hour for food. 2 of these meals were relatively simple (chips by the pool and the other was waffles and an omelette for breakfast - Both dishes that don’t take an hour to make!) On one of these occasions my wife was made to feel guilty about the fact we wanted to leave the restaurant before our food arrived (we had already made plans for the day) but then insisted on us signing the bill to say we’d had it. - I left a key card at reception and asked for this to be taken up to my parents who were having dinner at Carmichael’s restaurant. This took the reception staff/drivers nearly 2 hours to do and my parents were unable to get into their room until it was sorted (someone brought them up 2 new key cards as they couldn’t locate the one I’d given to reception). - Clifford (F&B Manager I believe) came and spoke to us to apologise for the issues with breakfast and said he would speak to Jolie (wedding coordinator) about the wedding taxi and drinks issues, however, I’ve heard nothing from Jolie since the wedding. Not even a call from her to ask how our day went. - Various issues with service during breakfast/lunch/dinner: Ordered 5 soups....4 soups and 1 salad arrived, then waited 10 minutes for the other soup to turn up. Asked for a pot of tea....took 15 minutes for milk and sugar to arrive. Asked for breakfast tea to take back to the room....on one occasion we were brought Earl Gray, the other occasion it never turned up. Asked for bread....turned up after we’d finished our starters. Had to ask twice for the door to be closed (music was far too loud and we couldn’t hear each other speak). - Mini bar not filled as requested twice (items missing or wrong items delivered) - Told that prosecco was not available at the bar and given house Champagne instead (apparently all inclusive), yet my parents were given prosecco and charged for it! - Us and our 4 guests at the hotel all paid for ‘All Inclusive’ yet every time we ordered food or drinks we had to sign a tab for it and were harassed to do this before we left the bar/restaurant despite wearing the bright orange wrist bands! We had staff literally chase us out of the restaurant to sign our tab. - Champagne wedding breakfast was forgotten about and the staff seemed disinterested when we rang to chase this up. - Rude staff. I have to say first that there were quite a few members of staff who had been nothing but polite and helpful throughout our stay. I don’t know all of their names (and my apologies if the spellings are incorrect) but Carlene (by the pool/breakfast), Javaun (driver), Tony & Prince (Carmichael’s) and a few others have been brilliant. But there have also been several members of staff who were quite simply rude. Unfortunately I don’t have the names of these individuals at the moment but a couple of the breakfast staff, an older member of the bar staff (Sugar Club) and the lady who was on the pool bar (covering for Carlene) were all quite rude. The lady at the pool bar ignored my mum for nearly 15 minutes whilst she did other things and then told my mum she needed to ‘Smile’ - perhaps if she was served or at least acknowledged when she got to the bar she would have been smiling! My parents and my best friends were also witness to or faced a number of similar issues themselves with slow or nonexistent service, rude staff etc etc. Anyway, the above is not an exhaustive list of the issues we had and whilst the hotel itself is lovely there are numerous things here that would make us not want to come back. This was supposed to be a very special stay for us and our guests but it just seemed to be one thing after another that has spoilt it for all of us. The hotel did make a VERY small token gesture towards our bill but this in no way compensates us for what should have been one of the most special days of our lives yet turned into something more akin to Fawlty Towers!

Oliver F

TripAdvisor Traveler Review Rating Reviewed 2 weeks ago

My husband and I visited Sugar Ridge for 6 nights, doubling my Aveda reward points. We also extended for one night on our own. We were in Room #4 which had great views of the pool, the harbor, and had a wonderful plunge pool. We used the plunge pool every day, and that was the highlight of our stay there. Breakfast was included, and as noted by others, be ready for a 1+ hour visit, but the food was very good. From the moment we arrived and were graciously greeted by the front desk with a rum punch, our experience was wonderful. One of the highlights was Carleen. She really went out of her way to make the guests feel welcome whether we were at the pool bar, or she was serving us breakfast. The manager's reception was very nice, and you could tell the manager was proud of the resort as well. I will say the resort is not at all ADA accessible, so be aware if you have mobility issues. We rented our own vehicle, which provided us freedom to visit other beaches as well on our own schedule, I would recommend that.

Julie L - Minneapolis, Minnesota

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