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Kid Friendly New Delhi

Destination(s): New Delhi

You have ticked off the list of must-see places in Delhi, ogled at stone structures that are centuries-old, taken a whiff of strong spices at Khari Baoli, even fallen in trance listening to the soul-stirring qwaalies at Hazrat Nizamuddin. But, what about your kids? Sulking in the hotel, endlessly swapping channels, ordering food as a ruse to fight boredom. Come off your high-culture, history-seeking perch. See things from your kids' perspective. Give them the Delhi that they want. It is actually easy. And a whole lot of fun.

The first thing to do is to shift to a kid friendly hotel, like the Nirula's. They have a restaurant that serves delicious pizzas, burgers, footlongs and some of the best ice creams in Delhi.

Follow up this sudden increase in your popularity with a day out that will have your kids saying, 'What's next', instead of 'What now'... read more about Kid Friendly New Delhi