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Top 10 Fun Restaurants in India

Destination(s): Bangalore

Dining in India should be fun as well as tasty, so we have put together a list of the ten most fun restaurants to complement your trip. A visit to the sumptuous Punjabi By Nature in New Delhi satisfies with Mughla and Indian food in a dining room the whole family will enjoy. On the other hand, Shalom caters to a younger crowd interested in trendy dining. Plenty of Indian dishes are on the menu, but the Moroccan lamb stew and Spanish corn crepes are also must-haves. Tiffin in Mumbai will keep you coming back to try more samples from their nearly 160 offerings. Sit on a throne at Henry Tham and enjoy soups, appetizers, seafood, grilled meats, or vegetarian dishes. The experience is sophisticated, but the prices and portions are excellent. If you visit Bangalore, make sure to stop in at Karavalli, where the decor impresses whether inside or out, and the menu abounds with seafood selections. For fun dining in India, take a look through our top ten list, then go explore. read more about Top 10 Fun Restaurants in India