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Top 10 Five Star Restaurants in India

Destination(s): Bangalore

There are many choices for five star dining in India, so take a look at our selections of the top ten.  Fire is a great starting point in New Delhi.  The spicy meat and vegetarian dishes, along with the stonework decor deliver a quality experience from start to finish.  If you enjoy a lavish setting with a wonderful lakeside view, The Emperor's Court can meet your desires.  The Oriental dishes on offer here are the best around.  Khyber maintains such a reputation that they do not need to post signage.  Fine art decorates the walls, and the lamb tastes marvelous.  Zaranj tantalizes the senses with waterfalls, comfortable seating, and delicious dishes like the lamb, or fish in chef’s spices.  Plan your fine dining in India, beginning with any of our favorites. read more about Top 10 Five Star Restaurants in India