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Destination(s): Bangalore

While visiting India, you want to sample the best restaurants on offer. Our top ten list will help you to test the finest dining in the country without hassle. Start with the busy Gajalee in Mumbai for seafood, much of which is prepared in a coconut and chili base. If you prefer faster service, stop in at the Emperor’s Court, where the fare tends more towards Oriental, and the accommodations should make you feel like royalty. The atmosphere of India Jones hints at a 1940s cliffhanger. Try the India Jones Grand Platter, which provides plenty of food and variety. Return to authentic Indian tastes at Karim’s or Chor Bizarre. Spicy kebabs, Mutton Burra, and Chicken Tikka offer quality enough to draw everyone, including celebrities. Chor Bizarre revels in its “Market of Thieves” theme as well as its oddity. The fare also tastes fantastic. Try the best of India’s restaurants, starting with one of our top ten suggestions. read more about Top 10 Restaurants in India