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Seri Museum

Seri Museum

The Seri Indians, long time inhabitants to this land around Kino Bay or Bahia de Kino are widely known for their Iron wood carvings and baskets woven from the bark of the elephant tree and they have a unique history and story to tell.

That is where the Museum of the Seris comes in: right in the middle of Kino Nuevo (New Kino Bay) on the main road between Progreso and Cancun streets is a small yet intriguing local museum which tells of the history of these desert dwellers. There are many artifacts and old photos to ponder over. The displays are thought-provoking as a study of these people's lives. They have displays depicting a typical wedding ceremony. There are many black and white historical photographs. And, many colorful authentic costumes of the Seri tribe.

The information is written in Spanish; however, the displays are very easy to understand. read more about Seri Museum