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Guided Tiburon Island Tour

Guided Tiburon Island Tour

Tiburon Island was once the home of the Seri Indians. Years ago, the Mexican Federal Government moved them off the island to reservations in Hermosillo, in order to build a Navy base on the island. Decades later in 1975 the island was given back to the Seri Indians by a Federal decree of then President Echeverrķa.

Today, the Seri do not live on the Island. They live in the nearby settlement of Punta Chueca which is on the mainland, yet close to the island. The Seri's also live in El Desemboque a bit farther up the coast. As of 1963 the island has been set aside as a natural sanctuary and Nature Reserve and is a beauty to behold. Many different plants and abundant wildlife can be experience on a trip to the island.

It is possible to visit the island while you are in Kino Bay; however, you must use a local Seri guide.

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