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Visit Punta Chueca

Visit Punta Chueca

Punta Chueca is the settlement where many of the Seri Indian live and work. This settlement is popular because it is close to Kino Bay where the tourists can be found who purchase their handiwork.

The Seris are widely known as the craftsmen of Iron wood (palo fierro) which is a very hard wood to carve. It is believed that a man named Brown showed a piece of carved wood purchased in Hawaii to the Seri men in the 1920's and that is how this craft got started in Sonora Mexico.

Although mesquite is widely used these days as the supply of Iron Wood has dwindled, you can still buy authentic pieces from the Seri. They also carve rocks (piedras).

Truly authentic pieces will always be carvings of things the Seris are familiar with (ie: local animals, plants and cacti.) Today you may find carvings of other items that are attractive to the tourists, such as elephants, a golf club & ball or a baseball bat. Obviously, these are not original items that the Seri would have carved in the past!

The Seri Indians are also incredible basket weavers.

To visit the village of Punta Chueca is to take a trip back in time. You will remember it. read more about Visit Punta Chueca