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Visit the Oyster Farm & Estuary

Visit the Oyster Farm & Estuary

At the end of a dirt road in the neighborhood of Kino Viejo is a real treat of an experience. Sitting on the edge of an estuary is a little shack that serves up fresh oysters taken from the sea as you order them. If you like your oysters on the half shell you will love this place.

Popular to tourist and locals alike it is no surprise that on some days you cannot find a place to sit down because it is so crowded. This is a working oyster farm, they actually grow the oysters from seeds and cultivate them when they mature (9 months or so.)

While you are there, you can look at charts that describe this farming technique.

The estuary area is a back bay which is calm, generally warm and sunny, a retreat for pelicans and a quiet place to contemplate the warmth of Mexico. On the way, you may also see osprey nests atop the telephone/electric poles.

This is as much fun as it is educational! And, a great little snack besides!
This is an authentic "Taste of Mexico!" Be sure to check it out when you are in Kino Bay, Sonora! read more about Visit the Oyster Farm & Estuary