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El Ramonal Archeological Zone

El Ramonal Archeological Zone

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On the Map: El Ramonal Archeological Zone is located at Latitude 18.35° N. Longitude 89.825° W near the towns of Xpujil and 20 de Noviembre, Campeche.

How To Get There: From Xpujil drive 10 km east and turn right (south) at the sign for 20 de Noviembre and proceed 5 km to the town. El Ramonal is located in the jungle outside the town, about a 15-minute drive. It is best to engage at tour guide in Xpujil or 20 de Noviembre

Need to Know: High clearance 4WD essential. Machetes, axe or chainsaw recommended for clearing fallen trees on this road.

Hours of Operation: Open to the public daily, 8:00 am to 5:00 pm. No prior permission needed. Admission is free, but the town ejido might ask for a fee as you drive by – 50 pesos or less per person.

Hotels: Rio Bec Dreams, Chicanna Ecovillage Resort

Tour Guide: Diane Lalonde, Rio Bec Dreams Provides transportation, guide service, and lunch.

Tour Guide: Nico Feldmann, Kaan Expeditions Email: Website: Mexico City Tel: 555-451-5793. Campeche Tel: 983-119-6152 Provides transportation, guide service, and lunch.

Driver: Delfin Molina, 20 de Noviembre. Fee subject to negotiation.

INAH Campeche: Director: C. Lirio Guadalupe Suárez Amendola Address: Calle 59 No. 36 between 14 and 16, Col. Centro, CAMPECHE / CAMPECHE, CP 24000, Mexico Tel: 01-98-18-16-81-79 DIRECTO/ 01-98-18-16-91-11/ 01-98-18-11-13-14 DEPTO. M.H./ 01-98-18-16-24-60 FAX Email:

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