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Destination(s): Rome

Although we'd visited Italy before, Rome was a whole new world: relatively familiar medieval and Renaissance Italy underlain by centuries of classical Roman civilization and crowned with the grandeur of the Roman Catholic church. It's a larger city, too. No-one could possibly see all of it on foot in a week, but we came close. (Next time we'll pay proper attention to Trastevere.)

Rome's most charming sights are its many small monuments from all eras: the "talking statues" where dissidents could anonymously post their political opinions, the obelisks looted from Egypt that outnumber those still in place, the famous fountains and more. We visited all that we could. If I put them all in to this trip it would be unreadably long, so get yourself a good printed guide (we like Cadogan and Blue Guides), walk everywhere and don't hesitate to detour a little to interesting spots. Eventually you'll see more than you thought possible. read more about Rome 2006