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Manifesta Safaris for Women, Las Olas Surf Safaris in Nayarit, Mexico

Founded in 1997 on the coast of Mexico, where the climate is mild, the jungle fertile, the waves gentle and the people generous and friendly, Las Olas Surf Safaris from Manifesta Safaris for Women imparts a love and appreciation for the art and culture of surfing to women seeking adventure in their travel. Awake each day to the sound of the surf in your villa featuring open architecture with cabana-style enclosed bedrooms, then take a short walk to la Casita, the Las Olas clubhouse, where you will meet for class, pick up your board and head to the surfbreak. When you are finished, shower at La Casita and stroll into town for a meal or up the beach to your villa for a little siesta. Yoga and massage complement the surf, creating an experience that is as relaxing as it is enlightening.

Some people are content with the destination, while others long for adventure in the journey. People looking for an experience that offers more than a simple getaway will discover a treasure in Manifesta Safaris for Women. Founded on the principle that women can accomplish anything when allowed time to relax and recharge, Manifesta Safaris caters exclusively to women, offering vacations that combine fun and play with new experiences, while fostering friendships, confidence and self-esteem. Offering successful surf, art, and active adventures, Manifesta Safaris' experienced staff navigates all the details to create inspiring, memorable and life enhancing journeys.

Location of Manifesta Safaris for Women, Las Olas Surf Safaris

Manifesta Safaris for Women, Las Olas Surf Safaris
San Carlos & 7th Street
Nayarit, Mexico

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