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Three Ways to Book Your Vacation

Luxury Link gives you three different options to choose from when booking your luxury vacation, each featuring extraordinary hotels, Luxury Link’s VIP-level service and value-added luxury extras.

Win Your Trip: Classic and Mystery Auctions

Auctions have been the hallmark of Luxury Link since 1997, presenting opportunities for the absolute lowest rates available anywhere.  Auctions feature vacation experiences for fixed lengths of stay, and you decide the dates that work best for you within the Auction vacation’s travel period (called “validity”).

Classic Auctions were originated by Luxury Link in the early days of the Internet. Most vacations are offered at auction for a low starting bid.  You can place a single bid, monitor the auction and continue to bid as other travelers attempt to outbid you, or set your maximum bid to let our Luxury Link robots do the bidding on your behalf. The auction winner chooses their preferred travel dates after the auction closes, which are submitted to the hotel for confirmation and may require some date flexibility.

Mystery Auctions offer intrigue and incredible savings, since bidding starts at only $1. Here is the catch: Except for tantalizing hints given to you in the Luxury Lounge and via weekly emails, we do not reveal the name of the destination except to the winner.

For more information, view our step-by-step Auction guide by clicking here.

Buy Now: Your Choice, Great Value

For those who don’t want to wait for an auction to close, our Buy Now option gives you flexibility over your Luxury Link vacation experience. You tell us when you want to travel, and the length of your stay, and we’ll only charge your credit card if we can confirm your requested dates.

Although Auctions typically provide the absolute best value, with Buy Now’s, you are sure to save. Once you choose your check-in/check-out dates, our Concierge team will confirm your reservation with the hotel.  After we have confirmed, we will email you – usually within one business day.  If we can’t confirm your preferred dates, there is no charge. A Buy Now purchase is also refundable and can be changed up to time of departure, however fees apply.

Instant Confirmation: Immediate Booking with Real-Time Pricing

Book it now, and be on your way! With Instant Confirmation, your reservation is made with the hotel the moment you complete your purchase. We’ll send an email confirming the booking immediately after your credit card has been processed.

When you see a property with the Instant Confirmation option, simply select your preferred arrival and departure dates. Your total package price will be displayed, or we may ask you to submit alternate dates if unavailable. If you’d like to view a list of Instant Confirmation packages sorted by destination or vacation type – and available during your preferred travel dates – simply use the search bar in the top-left corner anywhere on Luxury Link.

The rates and room availability you see on Instant Confirmation packages are listed in real-time. This means prices can fluctuate at any time based on the occupancy level of your chosen hotel and room category (among other factors), while certain dates may be sold out.