Seven Incomparable London Luxury Hotel Rooms

By LL Editorial Staff


Rubens at the Palace

Rubens at the Palace Interior

When in England, do as the English do. In the Monarch Suite at one of London’s classic luxury hotels—the Rubens at the Palace—you will do just as the English royalty do. A top-hatted doorman welcomes you like a King into this extravagant structure that stands just opposite Buckingham Palace. Instantly you step into a magical world of old aristocratic splendor mingled with the glitz and glamour of a modern era. Think horse-drawn carriages with spinning rims. Ok, perhaps not quite, but imagine a lavish four-post canopy bed fit for an old English monarch facing a plasma screen TV equipped with a tech-savvy system which allows you to download movies.

The polished wood of the suite’s furniture gleams and classic golden and bronze hues grace the exquisite space. But the design incorporates a bold touch of contemporary funk with cheetah print fabrics stretching out over plush couches and comfy sitting chairs. A row of striking red flowers in immaculate ivory vases reflects in the pristine mirror of the white-tiled bathroom that features a Jacuzzi bath. The Monarch Suite at the Rubens at the Palace blends the romantic essence of an English era long gone with the comfort and convenience of the contemporary moment to create a superb luxury travel experience in the heart of London.

Montague on the Gardens

Rubens at the Palace Interior

A luxury vacation allows you to experience a city with class—absorb all the excitement of the surroundings then seek refuge in the lavish tranquility of a stunning hotel room. The Mastersuite at the Montague on the Gardens easily fulfills the latter part of the equation: it captures quintessentially chic serenity within its luxurious walls. An elegant marbled corridor leads you into this split level haven of creamy hues, whose dream-like quality will make you want to pinch yourself to ensure you’re actually awake.

Exquisite fabrics that beg to be touched adorn the plush furnishings, and even the bare walls command a second glance. Beyond the faux suede, rich leather, smooth silk and soft corduroy, spotless windows beckon you near, tempting a glance into the silent seclusion of the hotel gardens that promise a reprieve from the animate city beyond. The signature red carnation touch spills over the clean lines of the chic design of this luxury hotel suite, creating a uniquely Montague feel. And as if the lavish suite wasn’t a masterpiece in it of itself, an amazing art collection graces the space, which includes stunning pieces by John Bratby and Anatoly Demenko. If your looking for an artfully exquisite luxury escape in the heart of London, look no further than the Mastersuite at the Montague on the Gardens.

Ritz London

Ritz London Interior

If you’re looking for a traditional high-end travel experience, look no further than the classic Ritz London, which lives up fully to its exceptional name. As one of London’s premiere luxury hotels, it necessarily features one of London’s most luxurious hotel rooms—the Deluxe Suite. The domestic feel of a private country house hardly detracts from the timeless elegance and exquisite sophistication of this lavish space, where heavy cascading drapery, ornate chandeliers, deep-carpeted floors and antique paintings transport elite guests into a past era, breaking the trance into modernity only by means of discreet state of the art technological amenities.

Luxurious fabrics elegantly grace the polished curvature of antique wooden furniture, and a marbled fireplace in the master bedroom furthers the intimate feel of the spacious and magnificent suite. And those looking for a famous cup of English Tea can partake in the world renowned Teatime in the hotel’s breathtaking Palm Court. For style, elegance and unprecedented sophistication and poise, spend the moments of your luxury vacation in the Deluxe Suite at the Ritz London.

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