The World's Most Exciting Adventure Vacation Destinations

By LL Editorial Staff

As much as we love to lazily sip on a fresh Caipiroska from a plush lounge chair on a sandy beach somewhere off the coast of Brazil, let’s admit it—after a few days, some of us are already thinking… been there, done that. Relaxation sets in and brings along his trusty sidekick: action-starved boredom. What is an adrenaline-junkie to do? You’re on vacation so we don’t want you to think too hard. So we’ve decided to let you leave the worrying up to us—check out our take on the world’s top Action & Adventure destinations.

Victoria Falls

Are you having a love affair with adrenaline? Allow yourself to fall head-over heels—literally. In addition to the stunning phenomenon that is Victoria Falls, the border of Zambia and Zimbabwe boasts one of the best Bungee Jump sites in the world. Drop for 111 exhilarating meters (almost 365 feet) off of a bridge over the Zambezi River and take in the exotic sights and sounds of the stunning southern African landscape from a somewhat unconventional perspective. You’ll wonder whether the pounding in your ears comes from your thumping heart or the waterfalls plummeting around you. You can recover afterwards at the picturesque Victoria Falls Safari Lodge and from the comfort of your luxurious room revel in your fearlessness.

Family White Water Rafting

In need of some soul-searching you go to Nepal to acquaint yourself with nirvana. But a few meditative days later, the action-junkie within begs for a different kind of fulfillment. So go with the flow. Get your fix of adrenaline at one of the world’s best White Water Rafting sites, the Karnali River. This dynamic river has a spirit of its own, boasting colossal Class IV-V rapids guaranteed to challenge even the most seasoned thrill-seeking rafter among us. Roaring waters wind through dangerously narrow canyons lined with striking emerald forests, guaranteeing a uniquely Himalayan high in a location that somehow fills you with deep-rooted tranquility as it surges with blood-pumping excitement. Get on board.

The mere fact that the world is round should hardly deter you from chasing its end. So grab your trekking shoes and defy the laws of physics by pushing the horizon to the edge of the globe. What you’ll find at the southern-most tip of the Southern hemisphere is no jump into the black abyss, but rather 5 km of stunning icy-blue wonder. Welcome to Patagonia, Argentina’s titanic Perito Moreno Glacier where you’re guaranteed one of the world’s best Glacier Trekking experiences. The pristine sky blends with a vast, surreally aquamarine expanse of ice; the spikes of your crampons deliberately pierce the frosty ground beneath your feet. But just when it seems you’re conquering Mother Nature, Perito sends a monstrous chunk of ice crashing into the freezing waters below with a bone-rattling thud, projecting a formidable echo into the air of this breath-taking scene. Talk about a healthy dose of adrenaline, Argentine-style.


May the wind always be at your back. Or so reads the old Irish blessing. Well, it depends on whom you ask, really. A windsurfer would probably say that in order for this wind to bear blessings, its gusts must be precisely angled to the sail, allowing you to zip gracefully over choppy waves, a bold dash of living color on the limitless horizon of the sea. If the feeling of the wind on your face is what you seek, we propose an alternate blessing: the Island of Aruba, where mighty winds and stunning crystal waters create a Mecca for windsurfing, attracting enthusiasts from the entire planet to indulge in what is arguably the world’s best location for the sport.