The World's Most Exciting Adventure Vacation Destinations

By LL Editorial Staff

Man Zip-lining

The air is moist and strokes of vivid green paint the thick foliage; the shrill call of a bird pierces the animate air; vibrant flashes from the petals of exotic flowers linger in the periphery of your visual field. Like primitive man, you are in the wild, amidst the very beating heart of breathing nature. Seconds later you zip through the trees, high above the hard ground below, satisfying the Tarzan in you as wind rushes through your flowing hair. No, you’re not actually swinging from the branches, but close enough. This is Zip-lining; the most epic way to experience a taste of adventure in Costa Rica, not to mention explore some of the most beautiful and diverse rainforests in the world found within her borders. So if you’ve grown bored with sitting on the beach and lounging around in the elegant peace of luxurious accommodations such as La Mansion Inn or Hotel Makanda by the Sea, take a rest from resting and get your heart pounding by jumping on the zip-line.

Scuba Diver

The Deep Blue Sea covers approximately 72% of Earth’s surface. In other words, almost three-quarters of our planet’s wonders lie like hidden treasures buried deeper than the naked eye can see. But it’s nothing that a pair of funky-looking goggles and a good set of flippers can’t fix. If you’re intrigued by how this other world lives, then head down under to get down under—sea level, that is. Lining the northeast coast of Australia lies The Great Barrier Reef, whose explosion of color and biodiversity renders this hotspot of 2,800 coral reefs the best site for snorkeling and scuba diving in the world. And, undeniably, the time to go is now. Whether we like it or not, the reef is rapidly disappearing, andsnorkeling is slowly becoming a dying art; a rare adventure. So get yourself a room at the lovely Lyall Hotel and Spa, grab a bottle of oxygen and jump right into this underwater playground before it fades away.

Elephant Riding

An elephant never forgets; and if you take an exhilarating Elephant Safari across the stunning landscape of Thailand, you’ll never forget, either. Sitting like a Sultan atop the world’s largest land mammal, you can go where no Land Cruiser has gone before—into the thick of Thai terrain accessible only by means of the agile dexterity of these native creatures, the natural explorers of the striking topography. The sheer size of these animals is enough to get your heart pumping as you embark on this unique adventure, traversing steep inclines, slicing through vivid emerald canopies of thick foliage and wading through tropical bodies of glistening water. Ranging anywhere from a day trip to over a week, depending on your preference, there’s no better way to experience Thailand, Jungle-Book style. And after roughing it for a few days, treat yourself to another side of Thailand—recover by indulging in the serene luxury of an immaculate beachfront and lavish accommodations of the stunning Pimalai Resort & Spa.

You work hard, and play harder. So whether bungee jumping, wind surfing, glacier trekking or even just strolling on the beach provides your ideal pathway to adventure-bliss, satisfy your wanderlust by getting your fix of the action from the best the earth has to offer. We live in a moment where the all the world lies at our fingertips (or just a simple internet search away); let’s touch it.