Best Beaches of the Caribbean

By LL Editorial Staff

Beach in the Bahamas

Nothing says tropical like the balmy Bahamas, and Old Bahama Bay, one of the islandís most magical resorts, sits right on Blister Beach. Not only is this north coast sanctuary scenic, itís also secluded but not too far removed from civilization. Snorkeling conditions are by far some of the best, but favorite pastimes, such as swimming or sunning, are also ideal.

Beach in Antigua

Tucked away on a secluded 100-acre peninsula on the southeastern coast of Antigua is the exceptional St. Jamesís Club Resort & Villas and its neighboring beaches, Coco Beach and Mamora Bay. Both boast silvery sands, but that is where the similarities end. Coco Beach, with its colorful and abundant sea life, is an aquarium for snorkelers, while the serene waters of Mamora Bay are more suited for swimming. Both are equally breathtaking and located close enough to one another that itís easy to divide your time between the two.

Beach in St .Lucia

Rendezvous, a couples-only resort on the island of St. Lucia, fronts the palm-laden Malabar Beach. The champagne-colored sands, all two miles worth, are ideal for lounging, however, being the architect of your own sand castle isnít out of the realm of possibility. As for those leafy palms, they are ideal for shading your seaside picnic.

Beach in Puerto Rico

Isla Verde Beach, near Old San Juan in Puerto Rico, is both lovely, laid back and home to several hotels, including the only boutique beachfront property, The San Juan Water & Beach Club. Sip fruity drinks under colorful umbrellas, people watch to your heartís content, or take a break from the sun to prowl the nearby conveniences including a handful of casual restaurants and a few flashy casinos. The waves are quite decent, but not too treacherous to enjoy an afternoon frolic in the surf.

No matter how you choose to spend your time along the sun-kissed shores of the Caribbean, be it snorkeling, scuba diving, swimming or just enjoying a morning jog, there is a sandy playground awaiting your discovery. From the shores of Grenada and Grace Bay to the turquoise waters of St. Lucia, the Caribbean is proof that life really is a beach.