Outside the (Sand)Box: The World’s Most Secluded Beaches

By LL Editorial Staff

The sweet scent of coconut glides off of your steamy sun-kissed skin and floats on the tropical air as mile-high palm trees sway in the azure sky overhead and a salty-ocean breeze cools the tips of your sandy toes. This is the life, you think to yourself with a small sigh. Without opening your eyes you allow your fingertips to search for the frosty margarita beside you. But wait; why is it… hairy? Abruptly your eyelids snap open as you sit up to realize you’ve been stroking the arm of your large and well-insulated neighbor, lying fast asleep on a towel that’s way too close to yours. To make matters worse, your cat-like reflexes have caused that sexy new bathing suit top to slide down to your stomach, exposing you to a group of screaming children that just happens to run by and lovingly kick sand into your face. Paradise just got way too crowded, fast. Trust me, we know the feeling. So we’ve determined to help you avoid such mishaps at all costs by searching far and wide along the planet’s sandy coastlines to find you a few pockets of precious privacy, and deliver you our picks for the World’s Most Secluded Beaches (just promise you won’t tell anyone).

Evason Ana Mandara Resort & Six Senses Spa Exterior

Grab your bathing suit and sarong and get wrapped up in the stunning splendor of serene Asian sun and sand in Vietnam. Bai Dai Beach, on the mountainous island of Phu Quoc, has long lain under the beach bum radar due by and large to border disputes between Cambodia and Vietnam. But with loosened restrictions, travelers can now gain full-access passes to silent golden sands that glimmer beneath a hot sun, and bath in pristine waters that are bound to coat mind, body and soul with transformative tranquility. And if after a few days of deep solitude you feel compelled to re-connect (ever so slightly) to the civilized world, check out the equally striking beaches of Nha Trang and treat yourself to a touch of luxury, Vietnamese-style, at the Evason Ana Mandara Resort & Six Senses Spa.

Cliffs of Point Reyes National Seashore

Whoever started the rumor that California’s best beaches are only found in the sunny southern half of the state apparently missed the memo on Northern California'’s sandy glory (or was trying—quite effectively—to keep hidden a sublime secret). Thirty miles north of the hustle and bustle of San Francisco lays the soundless Point Reyes National Seashore, waiting patiently to be discovered. If you’re feeling particularly adventurous, take the five-mile walk on the path to paradise, leading you to the deserted Wildcat Beach. Not only will you have first dibs on towel space, but you’ll also experience the rare delight of seeing your lone footsteps trace a solitary path through the golden sand. Strip down and chill out to the faint lullaby of crashing waves in the supreme seclusion of this hidden gem pocketed in the shadow of the city by the bay.

Dalmation Coast