Outside the (Sand)Box: The World’s Most Secluded Beaches

By LL Editorial Staff

There’s nothing spotty about the breath-taking natural beauty you’ll find hidden along Croatia’s Dalmatian Coast—the immaculate white sands and pristine crystalline waters are exquisitely pure, through and through. And if solitude is the game you play, jump on a boat from Vis and indulge in the sensual seclusion of the beautiful island of Bisevo, whose total area of 5.84 square kilometer features a population of 14 (staggering, we know). Crawl your way through the island’s remarkable coastal caves and lush lagoons to uncover the ultimate buried treasure: Porat. Westward facing and sheltered from strong winds, Porat’s flawless splendor fulfills any privacy-seeking shoreline-enthusiast’s dream of Mediterranean paradise. And if you’re interested in a little island hopping, skip over to ancient Hvar, and luxuriate in some Adriatic opulence with a stay at the Hotel Amfora Grand Beach Resort.

Whitehaven Beach

If you’ve been dreaming of a silent haven of white sand and cerulean sea, look no further than the majesty of Whitehaven Beach, Australia. You’ll feel like you’re undercover down-under while visiting this uninhabited stretch of immaculate coastline that’s been kept intentionally desolate—strict visitation limits enforced by Australian authorities keep this phenomenal beauty unspoiled and the visitors’ V.I.P. experience untainted (registering with a tour operator gets you there). Lounging on an ivory shoreline, caught between the striking emerald backdrop of lush forest and the glimmering turquoise of an expansive ocean that melts softly into the horizon, you’ll rack your brain for ideas that might allow you to freeze the clock and let you slip, unseen, between the cracks of time into the celestial oblivion of this heavenly locale.


Not only are you tired of heavy crowds but also bored with the white-sand cliché. You want some color, something a little different to make the world fade away for a while and allow you to recharge your battery. Then think pink, my friend. Cruise down to the island of Bonaire and spread your towel on the lovely sands of the stunning Pink Beach. Famous for its exceptional scuba diving, the location boasts an abundance of coral, which provides for as stunning of a visual spectacle above water as below—the coral tints the coastline to a unique shade of pink. Furthermore, its reputation as a diving hotspot attracts, as one might imagine, divers rather than beach bums. So stretches of silent beach lie in vacant splendor with hopes of stealing some attention from the nearby reefs. After a peaceful day of sun and sand, nurse your sunburn in a lavish room at the Harbour Village Beach Club, and treat yourself to a side of luxury with your seclusion.

It’s finally your chance to escape from the hustle-and-bustle of crowded streets and shops, and evade the incessant din of packed halls and elevators. Your beach getaway should give you a break from the masses, not place you on a towel right smack in the middle of them. So avoid the hordes (and maybe even tan lines if you dare) by tracing the Dalmatian Coast, or sneaking away to Vietnam or Bonaire, or getting lost in Point Reyes or Whitehaven. You can’t go wrong with our choices for the World’s Most Secluded Beaches, and who knows, you may even discover an untapped reservoir of private paradise (completely free of hairy arms impeding your access to beverages) along the way.