Party like it’s 2009: The World’s Best Festivals

By LL Editorial Staff

You love your job, but let’s face it — you work hard. And seeing that life’s all about balance, it is only fitting that you play hard. So when that well-deserved vacation time finally rolls around, you want to make sure that you do it right. The good news is that throughout the year, people from all over the world congregate at various global hotspots with one goal in mind: to celebrate the present by having the time of their lives. And whether you’re looking to dance the night away, listen to mind-blowing music or run for your life, you’re guaranteed to find a festival that lets you let loose and get your festive fix. It’s just about being at the right place at the right time. Seeing that we’re all about the celebration, we’ve decided to help make ensure you don’t miss out on any of the fun. Get your party started by checking out our picks for the World’s Top Festivals.

Bull and Bullfighter

So you’re feeling a little dangerous. There’s nothing like some heart-thumping adrenaline to put the fire into your fiesta, Spanish-style. If you have the endurance for it, we suggest you race over to Pamplona, Spain mid-summer to experience the nine-day celebration of the Festival of San Fermin, which features the famous Running of the Bulls. While the entire country participates in this festival, the most famous encierro—or Bull Run—takes place in early July in Pamplona, located in Northern Spain, and draws bold thrill-seekers from the world over. Although the 825 meter run from the off-site corrals to the bullring lasts approximately three minutes, for the runners—bold red handkerchiefs accenting their traditional all-white attire—it may feel like three lifetimes. Vying against six fighting bulls for space in the narrow city streets of this old town, this is survival of the fittest at its finest. Sounds a little too intense? Feel free to make this a spectator sport: the city streets are barricaded to keep the bulls on track, offering prime viewing locations. Or, perhaps you’ll befriend some kind Spaniard willing to invite you to view the spectacle from his or her terrace. Either way, you’ll be able to feel the adrenaline, yet be guaranteed a long night of music and dancing (not at the hospital).

DJ and Turntables

So you’re looking to shake it in one of the world’s sexiest cities. Bienvenidos a Miami, my friends. Cruise down to South Beach, Florida in March for the annual Winter Music Conference, and treat yourself to a tantalizing escape that bursts with the best electronic music the planet has to offer. Don’t be deceived by the name either—this is Miami, and “winter” in March means mandatory bikinis and tanning oil on sandy ivory beaches framing turquoise Caribbean waters. It’s no surprise then that every year around 60,000 music connoisseurs from all corners of the globe flood the city for the week to soak up the upwards of 500 individual events that showcase the industry’s top DJs (as well as the unknowns that become tomorrow’s top DJs). Spanning from Miami Beach to Downtown Miami, the conference transforms the city into a giant clubbing event, with all the hottest venues drawing the party elite as the streets pulsate until the early hours of the morning. The conference also features the International Dance Music Awards, commemorating the best of the best, and thus guaranteeing they’ll be around to share their talents throughout the week. And when you need to recharge, settle into the luxurious comfort of a room at the Gansevoort South Hotel. So grab your bathing suit and dancing shoes, and get ready to end your day with a sunrise at the Winter Music Conference.