Party like it’s 2009: The World’s Best Festivals

By LL Editorial Staff

Oktoberfest Night View

You drink beer. Which is why we insist that, stein in hand, you head over to Munich, Germany in the fall to experience every beer-drinker’s dream: Oktoberfest. Running from mid-September through early October, this spectacular event draws close to 6 million people, easily making it Germany’s biggest festival. And if being served beer from the best breweries in the world by Bavarian vixens donning traditional Germanic attire (a.k.a. snug-fitting dirndl dresses) wasn’t already enough, the festival also features hearty Bavarian cuisine guaranteed to leave you exquisitely satisfied (if not in a food coma). Pile your plate high with traditional sausages, potato dumplings, sauerkraut and cheese noodles so you can line your stomach and build your endurance before knocking the next beer garden off your list. And when you finally need a break, sleep it off at the lavish Mandarin Oriental Munich. So, Cheers (or Prost, as the Germans say).

Carnival Mask

You’re craving some fierce flavor. So samba down to sexy Rio de Janeiro, Brazil in early spring and spice up your break from the real world with the colorful debauchery of Carnaval. Beautiful people paint the city’s crowed streets with bold dashes of vibrant color as dancing bodies showcase intricate costumes in a flashy whirlwind of style and rhythm. This epic festival takes place during the four days preceding Ash Wednesday (which marks the beginning of the Catholic season of Lent), and culminates in the grand celebration of Fat Tuesday, better known as Mardi Gras. Religious context has translated Carnaval — whose roots most likely stem from the pagan festival of Saturnalia — into “a final farewell to sex in a season of religious discipline.” Furthermore, the spectacle has a distinctly Brazilian feel, with a unique cultural fusion featuring influences that range from high-class Parisian masquerade balls to tribal African drumming. You can take in all the diverse sights and sounds from a chic room at the lavish Caesar Park Hotel in Ipanema. So whether you’re looking to participate, observe or a little bit of both, it goes without saying that you’re guaranteed to have the time of your life during this sultry Brazilian celebration.

Life is short and the party never feels long enough. What’s one to do? Hone your celebratory skills to become an efficient Hedonistic, i.e. utilize your playtime wisely by enjoying the best of what there is to enjoy. Yes, the possibilities are endless, but this list of world-renowned festivals is sure to give you a head start. You ready? Party like it’s 2009!