Where To Go Gourmet: Culinary Class for the Chef in You

By LL Editorial Staff

Everything’s perfect. You’ve paid meticulous attention to every last pain-staking detail—the pristine tablecloth lies gracefully atop a table specially engineered for two, its folds cascading at precise angles from the exquisite wood; there’s not a single blemish on any piece of cutlery; and the sun has just set, casting a golden glow upon the entire display, reflecting beautifully off of the mosaic of bronzed glass that borders the chic plates. A soft breeze wafts through the open window, ruffling your hair ever so slightly. The doorbell rings. You smile. Your stunning guest enters, clearly impressed. You reach into your vintronic temperature stabilizer for a bottle of aged wine, and you’re just about to pour when—“Wait, what’s that smell?” What? “It smells like something’s burning,” your guest repeats, turning towards the kitchen. Instantly a giant wave of burning Eazy-Mac invades your dining room and…. Boom! You wake up in a cold sweat. Thank god it was only a dream. Perhaps it’s all the Top Chef you’ve been watching, but recently you’ve been having vivid nightmares about this suddenly intolerable flaw of yours: you can’t cook. But don’t worry, there’s hope for you yet and we’re willing to help. Check out our most sensational epicurean escapes to the world’s top culinary destinations so you can ditch the Eazy-mac and go gourmet to find the chef in you.

Hotel Fouquet's Barriere Restuarant

Begin you’re quest for culinary excellence in stylish Paris at the world famous Le Cordon Bleu culinary institute. Founded in a long tradition of excellence, you can expect nothing less than expert training in quintessential fine dining. With expertise, innovation and experience, Le Cordon Bleu will elevate your cooking skills (or lack there of) to a culinary art. In the duration of one of the short courses—ranging anywhere from two hours to four days—you can learn to concoct succulent appetizers, delectable deserts and mouth-watering dinners, all the while imbuing the Le Cordon Bleu philosophy: the Art of Living Well. And while you’re working hard in Paris, treat yourself to some serious luxury at Castille Paris and enjoy the good life in your down time, Parisian-style.


You’ve heard the rumors: No one does meat like Argentina. But until that succulent bite of mouth-watering steak melts on your tongue, its just hearsay. So tango down to delicious Buenos, Aires and see for yourself what all the fuss is about (and pick up some savory tips of your own). But, don’t just eat—get your cook on. As it was voted “One of the Best Things to do in Buenos Aires,” you must sign up for “Cooking with Teresita,” and get an exceptional hands-on culinary experience that’ll shed some tasty light on the delectable secrets of Argentine cuisine, such as tapas, empanadas and steaks, to name a few. And after you’ve eaten (and cooked!) a meal fit for a king, indulge in the royal treatment that awaits you at the Bo Bo Hotel. After an epicurean escape like this, it will be a challenge not to cry for Argentina.

Exterior Castle Hill Resort and Spa

The New England Culinary Institute in Montpellier, Vermont—one of the premiere culinary schools in the United States—features an extensive culinary calendar for recreational chefs looking to foster their epicurean inclinations. Spend a weekend in Vermont’s capital learning to prepare zesty Spanish Tapas or exquisite French Bistro; dedicate a Sunday morning to honing your brunch expertise; or become a maestro in concocting saucy sauces. The New England Culinary Institute can cater to your every taste and break out that chef deep within you like a lovely pearl from its protective shell. Get your cook on, and kiss those nightmares goodbye in Montpellier, allowing for blissful dreams when your reward your efforts with a few days at the charming Castle Hill Resort and Spa.