Where To Go Gourmet: Culinary Class for the Chef in You

By LL Editorial Staff

Pasta Plate

Uncover the recipe for La Dolce Vita by eating (and cooking) your way through Tuscany, Italy. Quickly tuned in to the intuitive ability of Italians to eat and drink well, you’ll be hungry from epicurean advice. At Good Tastes of Tuscany you can partake in culinary immersions ranging from a single day to an entire week, and learn the tasty basics of Tuscan cuisine (i.e. how long do I cook spaghetti) or receive refined tips from experts for experts (such as how to handle truffles). And with your taste buds deliciously satisfied, celebrate your accomplishments with an excellent glass of wine deep in the heart of Florence at the decadent Hotel Helvetia & Bristol. You may never want to leave, except to showcase your newly honed skills to the skeptics back home.

Jamaican Cuisine

If you’re a sucker for jerk chicken and passion fruit, the Caribbean just may be your culinary calling. And Jamaican spices have never seemed more elegant than at the crème of the Caribbean Culinary Travel crop that waits at the luxurious Royal Plantation Spa and Golf Resort. Master chefs explain how to navigate through authentic markets, how to distinguish and expertly handle exotic Jamaican fruits and spices, and how to reach the epitome of meat-grilling success. And if you want a break from the all this culinary stimulation before you head home and showcase your tropical craft, take a day or to away from the kitchen in the relaxed elegance of Round Hill Hotel & Villas and devote your epicurean self strictly to eating.

Undeniably, great food plays a critical role in living the good life. And with so many exquisite cuisines and delectable dining options to tantalize your taste buds, your palate will never grow bored. But why not add the extra zest and fierce satisfaction of knowing that the delightful morsels melting on your tongue came from your own kitchen? For some of us, cooking may be a daunting task—even something that haunts our dreams—but it doesn’t need to be. Like anything else in life, it just takes a little practice. And these delicious culinary escapes make it exceedingly easy you for you to have a little fun as you tap into your inner culinary genius and go gourmet to bring out the chef in you.