Golf Vacations For Non-Golfers

By LL Editorial Staff

Whistler Golf Course

Enroll Your Partner in Golf Lessons
It is certainly worth a try to get your partner interested in the sport. While youíre teeing off youíre partner could be doing the same with a PGA pro in Whistler, Canada, arranged by the Best of Both, a travel company that arranges trips to the best golf and ski destinations. In Whistler, your partner can learn from a celebrity PGA Tour pro and tack on some added rounds with a resident pro. At the end of the day, the two of you can exchange stories and brag about your handicaps over dinner at one of the many restaurants located in Whistlerís charming village.

People Drinking Wine at Las Manatitas

Finally, when all else fails it is time to compromise. Choose a resort or destination that has something for both of you to enjoy, but not necessarily together. If you want to spend your time golfing and your partner has designs on being the next Julia Child, pick a place that has both championship courses and culinary classes. In Cuernavaca, Mexico, there are an abundance of fairways as well as one of the countryís premier cooking programs, Cocinar Mexicano at Las Manatitas, touted by none other than Oprah Winfrey. If shopping is a hobby for your partner, consider staying at a Palm Springs-area resort, such as Korakia Pensione or the historic La Quinta Resort & Club. The two of you can go your separate ways during the day, you to a nearby golf course and your partner to the many exclusive shops including nearby designer outlets where Kate Spade handbags and Burberry fashions are available at well below retail prices. Come evening, reconvene over salt-rimmed margaritas and tableside guacamole.

Behind every great golfer is a companion willing to share the passion of their partner, but with a need to fulfill their own travel desires. So while you hit the green, be sure you choose a resort or destination that can also keep your significant other pleasantly occupied. Follow these simple rules and itís a win-win situation. You get more time to tee off, and your partner gets equal time enjoying the spa, shops and sun-filled afternoons.