Tee-Off in Paradise: Exotic Golf Destinations

By LL Editorial Staff

It’s a love affair really, between a golfer and that little white ball. Perhaps it’s those perfect dimples, but there’s something inexplicably satisfying about watching it soar through the air, cutting a perfect arc over miles and miles of immaculately maintained green turf. And when it finally drops, ever so softly, into its final destination, everything in the world seems to fall into place with it. Nothing can ruin this climatic moment (when it finally arrives, that is). But like everything in life, there are certainly ways to make perfect a little better. We’re into better. That’s why we’ve decided to fan the flame of your golf infatuation (may all the wives out there please forgive us) by scoping out the world’s most Exotic Golf Destinations so that you can tee-off in style.

The Emirates Golf Club

You’ve always been intrigued by the Middle East. But there’s just this one obstacle that has kept you from heading across the globe and filling your curiosity: free time is tee-off time. Well, we have great news: you can certainly do both. Grab your gear and head to Dubai, where you’ll find one of the world’s top golf locations, The Emirates Golf Club. As the quintessential in style, this destination attracts expert skill from all corners of the planet. The club hosts the PGA European Tour sanctioned Dubai Desert Classic and Dubai Ladies Masters, and features two of the city’s most spectacular championship courses: The Faldo and the Majlis. Furthermore, “the Desert Miracle” (as Emirates was dubbed back in 1988 when it became the first all-grass championship course in this Gulf Region) boasts a wide array of dining and recreational facilities, ensuring that time off the turf will also be time well spent. What’s more, you can breathe in the rolling white sand dunes and crystalline waters of the Arabian Sea that drew you to this region in the first place in true luxury: from the lavish comfort of a room at the Fairmont Dubai. You’ll certainly feel like a sultan on this sweet escape, getting your golfer’s fix, exotically, in the Middle East.

Golf Course

Grab your golf clubs and tango down to Argentina for some world-class golf with some Latin flair (not to mention a mean piece of steak). Start your escape with a stint in the fiery city of Buenos Aires and get a taste of the country’s thriving urban center when taking a breather from the 27 holes of Olivos Golf Club. Or, located just a little further outside the capital city, you can indulge in the massive greens and pine-tree lined fairways of masterfully crafted courses at the famous Jockey Club. Spend your evenings out on the town or luxuriating in the splendor of the lavish Alvear Palace Hotel in BA’s fashionable Recoleta district. But it’s only when you’re ready to get out of the buzzing city will your South American golfer’s fantasy come to life: ladies and gentlemen, meet Mar del Plata. Not only is this one of Argentina’s most popular coastal cities, it’s also home to the country’s most historic golf course, Mar del Plata Golf Club. The seaside location—with its sloping greens (constructed over sand dunes) and salty ocean breezes—requires precision and focus, providing a delightful challenge (and sometimes not so delightful frustration, which is why we love to master the game and why we love the copious selection of fine Argentine wines). So whether you’re inclined to be a night owl or a beach bum in addition to golf-enthusiast, Argentina has all you need for an outstanding golf trip.