On the Path to Success(ful Bliss): Top Yoga Destinations

By LL Editorial Staff

Woman Meditating Overlooking Mountains

If the ancient wisdom of yoga is what you seek, then trace the road paved by the sages back to its ancient origins: deep into the heart of the Himalayas. The breathtaking vistas are sure to get your heart beating, as you get high on yoga 6,982 feet above sea level in Shimla, India. Named after the Hindu Goddess, Kali (who is today considered to be the Goddess of time and change) this location is destined to provide you the transformative and healing experience you crave without bending over backwards (though you just may choose to do soÖ wheel pose, anyone?). And when your not sweating your way to nirvana on the mat, spend some time checking out the terrain by foot or by bike, or even by raft (youíll find some world-class white-water in the region). Elevate your spirits and return home wiser, not to mention more flexible, after a tantric affair with yoga in India.

Downward Dog Yoga Pose

When it comes to yoga, itís kind of hard to go wrong. After all, itís about bringing your attention inward for a change, about focusing on what you really need and quieting the whirlwind of stress inside your mind. Weíre hardly arguing against that. We are, however, proponents of the idea that when it comes to yoga, itís nice to go right (and really right, at that). If youíre determined to keep your practice in your living room, by all means, be our guest. But if youíd like to expand your horizons a bit and perhaps deepen your practice in novel ways (always in style, of course) then try out any of these blissful yoga destinations for an experience thatíll follow you well into the next lifetime.