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  • Dining on Russian cuisine—hearty borscht served with fluffy garlic rolls, anyone?—at Na Zdorovye!, an unassuming restaurant decorated with farming tools and wooden matryoshka dolls.
  • Hunting for Soviet-era propaganda posters with phrases such as “Keep quiet!”, “Don’t drinks!”, and “Work harder!” at DVK, a local bookstore.
  • Climbing up the 250 steps to the colonnade of the dome at St. Isaac’s Cathedral for 360-degree views of the canal-filled city.

St. Petersburg in Summer

"Only love is matter," some besotted loverboy has scrawled along one of St. Petersburg’s ethereally romantic canals. Whether this is merely bad English or some newfangled law of physics we will never know, but one thing is certain: it’s summertime in Russia’s loveliest city, and... More

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