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Tequila Herradura Museo Sensorial

Tequila Herradura Museo Sensorial

The Tequila Herradura Museo Sensorial is one of Cancun's newest attractions.  The museum offers tours every day and, on the tour, you will learn how tequila is made, the history of tequila, taste fresh-cooked agave, smell cooked agave, smell tequila aging in a barrel, and then finish up the tour in the tasting room.

In the tasting room, you will sample various Herradura products, and learn how to properly taste tequila. 

Located above La Europea, in the hotel zone.
The entrance to the museum is actually inside La Europea so you must pass through the store to get to the museum. 

Museum Hours:  Monday-Saturday 12pm-8:30pm
                          Sunday 12pm-5:30pm

Price of admission ranges from $50-150 Pesos, and is based on how many tequilas you wish to sample at the end of your tour.  $50 Pesos includes admission plus a tasting of Tequila Blanco, but the most expensive option, at $150 Pesos, covers your admission fee and the tasting of 5 tequilas, including Seleccion Suprema.  There are 2 other pricing options in between.   

If you would like to plan a group event at the museum, they have a lovely outdoor area to accomodate group functions.  Groups need to phone the museum to make a reservation for the tour.  
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