World's Best Food & Wine Regions

Discovering unique and intense flavors is a huge part of what makes traveling so thrilling and memorable. From the exotic dishes of Southeast Asia, to robust feasts in Italy, Luxury Link has just what you're searching for in a food and wine escape. Even the most discerning of travelers are sure to discover something to satisfy their culinary desires.

French wine is world-renowned for its quality and traditions. This reputation grows from cabernet vines in Bordeaux, ages in Burgundy's oak barrels, and comes to life in the effervescent region of Champagne.

La Maison Favart in Paris, France
Paris, France
La Bonne Étape in Château Arnoux Saint Auban, France
Château Arnoux Saint Auban, France

In the last 40 years. Northern California has emerged as an epicenter of fine wine production. Napa and Sonoma lead this charge, and are world-renowned for robust Merlots and Cabernet Sauvignon blends, as well as fine dining in the region's celebrated restaurants.

The Chauvet in Glen Ellen, Sonoma County, California
Glen Ellen, Sonoma County, California
Solage Calistoga in Calistoga, California
Calistoga, California
Harvest Inn by Charlie Palmer in Saint Helena, Napa County, California
Saint Helena, Napa County, California

Touring Italy's legendary wine-producing regions like Tuscany and Chianti is not just about beautiful scenery and vino, it's also about history. Pre-dating the Roman Empire, Italian wine is rich with both flavor and tradition.

Il Tosco in Montepulciano, Italy
Montepulciano, Italy
Hotel Posta in Reggio Emilia, Italy
Reggio Emilia, Italy
La Posta Vecchia in Palo Laziale, Rome, Italy
Palo Laziale, Rome, Italy

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